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Graphic Design Level 1 | July 19-23 | 1-2PM

Graphic Design Level 1 | July 19-23 | 1-2PM

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Day 5


In our final class, we learned how to get high quality images on web and explored different websites such as Unsplash and Pexel that offers good quality images! We then discussed what a portfolio looks like and created one of our own in class by putting all the works together! We then presented our portfolio video!


Everyone has created amazing works so far!! Congrats on their first portfolio of graphic designs! I hope they enjoyed the class.


Thank you and stay safe! 



Day 4


Today, we created our own animation using Canva! We learned different types of animations such as 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics and GIF. We also discussed about traditional animation, what storyboards are and how they're used to create an awesome animation!


For homework, finish up your animation and GIF.


On our last day, we'll put our works together in a portfolio!


Day 3


Everyone came up with a creative moodboard and it's nice to see them enjoy designing! Today, we learned about typography, different types of font styles and how they're used to convey messages. We took what we've learned so far to create a logo and a business card using typography, colors and shapes! 


For homework, finish up your logo and a business card.

See you all tomorrow! :)



Day 2


Everyone made an amazing design for their Portfolio Bio!


Today, we discussed about a color theory, color wheel and how colors communicate different emotions. We learned what a moodboard is and how they are used to translate an idea and a specific tone. 


For homework, pick an animal or object and create a moodboard! Remember to choose no more than 3 colors and 2 font styles. 



Day 1


It was nice meeting everyone! Today, we created our Canva account and discussed basics of adding elements, exploring different colors and typography. We also talked about different types and principles of design. 


For homework, finish up your portfolio bio so we can take a look at them tomorrow!


See you all tomorrow. :)





My name is Gina Park, a graphic & web designer with a bachelor degree in Illustration. 


I am so excited to start Graphic Design class next week! 


Explorer Hop’s Graphic Design course is a fun five day introduction to all things Graphic Design related. We will be covering topics such as: Colour Theory, Typography, and the Elements and Principles of Design. This course aims to provide your child with a strong understanding of the basics of Graphic Design.


For our first class your child will need an email to log into our designing site and access to a web browser such as google.


Looking forward to see everyone on Monday! 


Link to our zoom meeting for Monday at 1-2 PM EST:

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