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Holidays Around the World (Dec 28-31)

Holidays Around the World (Dec 28-31)

Day 4 (Dec 31):

Hi everyone,
It was such a pleasure being your teacher for this class of Holidays Around the World, and I hope you had just as much fun as I did visiting and learning about all the different places around the world.

Today we visited Israel and learned about Hanukkah. We made some menorahs, dreidel people and even glass stains!

Thank you all for coming along this journey around the world with me, I hope to see you in a another class :) 
Have a great weekend and a happy new year!


Day 3 (Dec 30):

What a wonderful time we had visiting Egypt today!
We made some greeting cards, along with origami envelopes. And then learned about Hieroglyphics which were used in the pyramids. 

For tomorrow's class please bring:
-construction paper
-colourful pens
-googly eyes
-colorful tissue paper
-black marker 
-10 popsicle sticks

Thanks for your collaboration!
See you tomorrow :)


Day 2 (Dec 29):

Hey everyone! I had such a good time visiting Denmark with you guys today.
It was so interesting learning about the different foods Danish people eat, the traditional clothes they wear and about their unique holiday tradition- Cat Barrels. We even made one for ourselves along with a Danish windmill.

For tomorrow's class please bring:
-colourful paper
-colouring pens
-paper tube (from toilet/paper towel roll)
-black sharpie

See you tomorrow :)


Day 1 (Dec 28):

Hi guys! What a fun first class we had today :)
For the first day of our journey around the world we visited beautiful Mexico.
We learned about The Day of the Dead, designed our own calaveras, made maracas and learned how to dance some salsa!

For tomorrow's class, please bring the following: 
-big paper/plastic cup 
-construction paper
-plastic bottle 
-print cats (file sent via email)

See you all tomorrow!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Nelly :) I am a student at the University of Toronto, studying Mathematics, Statistics and Business.  

I am an Explorer Hop instructor, working mainly in in-school programs, but for this winter break I will be your teacher for Holidays Around the World.

During the program we will visit 4 places around the world. We will learn about their different cultures, foods, holidays and do fun activities relating to each unique place. 

For the first class tomorrow (Dec 28) please bring:

- some paper and colouring pens 

- a Tupperware 

- some beans, rice, lentils and anything else you may have at home

- tape

Here is the zoom link for this week's classes:

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