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Junior Camp Millionaire Level 2 | August 23-27

Junior Camp Millionaire Level 2 | August 23-27

Day 5

Today, we finished learning about investing and risk tolerance. Also, we learned about what a stock is and how to trade stocks. The students finished the balance game. 

Day 4

Today, we finished learning about insurance, where we learned about parts or an insurance and risks associated to the insurance. Additionally, we started learning about investment and types of investments. 

Day 3

Today, we learned about taxes. We also learned about insurance. We ended class by playing the balance game. 

Day 2

Today, we learned about loans, credit cards and earning money. In loans, we talked about interest rates, loan payments, loan agreement and credit score. Also, we talked about the different types of credit cards and the risks of credit card debt. Finally, we discussed the difference between contract and payroll employees. 

Day 1

Today we learned about banking, so we learned what banks do and the services they offer. We learned about how banks make money. We also learned how different accounts work and we learn about interest rates. We ended class with playing the balance game. 

Welcome to Junior Camp Millionaire Level 2

My name is Rajvi and I will be your child's instructor for their Junior Camp Millionaire level 2 course. 

Through this course, they will be introduced to the concept of money, saving, budgeting and many other techniques related to responsibly managing their money. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me through my email:

Zoom Meeting

To attend this class, the students can join the zoom meeting everyday using the same link. 

Zoom Link:

Meeting Times: 10 AM - 11 AM EST (Monday - Friday)

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