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Kids Camp Millionaire - Aug 9-11

Kids Camp Millionaire - Aug 9-11

Day 4

What we learned: We learned all about how to create a good budget that fits our lifestyles as well as as we grow up!

Thank you for the amazing week of classes!

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Day 3

What we learned:  We learn all about how to live a balance life and balance health, wealth and happiness. We also learned about the golden rules of savings.

Day 2

What we learned:  We learned about 3 jars! This is a very easy principle to better learn about how to allocate our money - savings, investing and spending. We learned the value of investing in our daily lives and how to properly utilize the spending jar.

Day 1

Hi everyone,

We had an amazing first day, it was so nice to meet all of you!


Today, we talked about Balanced Life and Golden Rules of Savings. We talked about their importance in our daily lives, especially the financial aspects of it. We had a short exercise on Balanced Life where we discussed different methods to introduce a more balanced life when it comes to Money, Health and Happiness in our personal life, family and community.


Welcome to Kids Camp Millionaire! 

Hello everyone! My name is Savindi and I will be your kids' financial coach for this week! During this week, the kids will learn tips and tricks on how to save and use their money wisely, banking, budgeting, and leading a balanced life!

Zoom Link:

See you all soon!

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