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Personal Finance (Aug 9 - 13)

Personal Finance (Aug 9 - 13)

Day 4

We learned about earning money and the main differences between payroll and contract employees. We learned about CPP and EI. We learned about the different types of taxes, why you should pay tax and income tax returns. We finished class by playing the balance game. 

Day 3

We learned about loans today. We learned about types of loans, how to get a loan, types of credit cards and risks of debt. We also learned how to understand your credit score and students loans. We finished class by playing the balance game.  

Day 2

We learned about how to create a budget and some basic budget structures to begin with. Additionally, we learned about banking, so the different types of bank accounts and types of interest. 

Day 1

We learned about how to balance health, wealth and happiness. We also learned about the 5 golden rules of saving. Finally, we played the balance game where the students can practice their new skills. 

Welcome to Personal Finance

My name Rajvi and I am a finance teacher for Explorer Hop. Throughout the next week, I will be guiding your child on how to start their personal finance journey in a balanced and healthy way. The purpose of this course is to teach children to manage their money through budgeting, savings techniques, paying taxes and several other concepts. 

After each class, I will post what the children did in the class, what the next class is about and homework for the children to complete before next class. 

Meeting Link for Program:

You can join the meeting Link everyday at 3 pm EST from Aug 9 - 13. 

Meeting Link:

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