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Session 3, April 16, 2019

Carbon Tax

We had a very active class today and the participation from everyone was excellent.  

We learnt about Carbon Tax, Trading Tax credits and alternatives used around the world.  

This will come up again later in the classes as our understanding increases.  

Calculating Income 

Everyone picked a random number between 27-40 and wrote down what they want to be.  We used this info to look up how much they would be earning, their tax rate and calculated how much they could spend on rent, food, fun etc.  It led to several animated conversations with a lot of disbelief on the taxes we pay. lol!

Stock Market 

We learnt today about Market Cap and how it's basically Price * number of shares.  We will also be touching on this in every session.  


Link for your portfolios.

1) For those who are playing the stock market challenge, you are going to do the following. 

a) Sell all the stocks you have in your portfolio

b) Research and find a Green Energy Company.  

c) Find what is the Market Cap of that company

d) Add the price and Market Cap of that company for at least 2 times this week.  

e) If you see a number on the tab at the bottom, roll your mouse over it and you will see comments I may have put there.  Please click the tab and press "resolve" on the comment that pops up. 

Parent Info: 

The following students have got a bonus in the Investment Challenge. 

Kyle - completed all 5 days and did an awesome job explaining why Amazon is going up and down daily.  He gets $100 bonus

Rohan & Kayleigh & Chloe  & Bay, completed all 5 days. Rohan picked Paypal,  Kayleigh picked Disney, and Chloe picked Lululemon, Bay picked Tencent - all awesome picks!  They  gets $75 bonus

Sam, Raymond,  Ishaan, Garrett get $50 for starting the challenge.  



Session 2: April 9, 2019 

Fundamentals of Banking: 

We learnt today what are the different types of Banks and who does what in a bank. We will circle back to this as the weeks go by.    


We covered the following things: 
  1. All investing falls into 3 categories:  Investment by Buying things, Investment by Lending money, and Cash. 
  2. A stock is basically a piece of the company that you own. 
  3. How do you figure out what to invest in: Read the news, Notice what people are doing and understand your risk.
  4. What is a Ticker Symbol
  5. What are the roles of stock markets and brokers
  6.  40% of all stock wealth in the world is traded through New York. 


     1) Investment Portfolios:  The students will invest in ONE stock and follow it EVERYDAY.   Here are the tasks of what they will do. 

    1. Locate your portfolio in this folder.  DO NOT click on anyone else's file. 
    2. Download Yahoo Finance on your device or go to Yahoo Finance Website (click and it will take you there)
    3. In the search field put in the name of your company.  Example "Facebook" and click on it. 
    4. In your portfolio, add the following: 
      1. Company Name,
      2. Ticker,
      3. Stock Market, 
      4. why you think it's a good investment.  
    5. Calculate the number of shares you can buy.  You do this by dividing the principal with the price of the share. Remember it has to be a whole number. 
    6. Add the number of shares you bought. 
    7. Add the price of your shares today. 
    8. Repeat every week day (M-F) until next Monday. 
    9.  Add whatever remaining cash is left in the cash column. They sheets are set up to do it automatically.  For those who got a Bonus. You will see that the Bonus is already added to your principal column.
    10. When the price of your stock goes down, Google the company name and see why.  If it goes up, also try to figure out why.  Come prepared next week to talk about your stocks.  

    2) Compare Banks:  Complete this Mission to compare interest rates. You can either do research online or walk into branches and talk to managers (always a wonderful way to get the best deal). 

     Parent Updates: 

    1) Check out your submissions for last week's missions here: Feel free to share it with your buddies. 

    2) Bonus awarded: Kudos to the following students who got a bonus for getting their work done last week.  The money will be added to your portfolio. 

    Bay: +$100 - first one to complete the savings mission 

    Martin: +$100 - first one to submit a response on what he is deferring spending on (it was fortnite skins!) 

    The following get a bonus of $50 for completing their mission Save More

    Ryan, Chloe, Easton, Sam, Ishaan, Raymond, Matthew 


    Session 1: April 2, 2019:  Basics about Saving

    We had a fun first class.  We start each class with the fundamentals of money which is savings.  We learnt the following things today: 

    1) How to save

    2) Ask yourself 3 questions before you buy anything: 

    Do I need it?
    Will I use it?
    Will I enjoy it?

    3) Cut waste as this adds up.  Specifically we spoke about food waste and how the average person in Canada wastes $1000/year per person on food waste. 

    4) Start saving early and put your money in a bank instead of holding it in various piggy banks and other places. 

    5) Have a goal.  

    Money Missions to be completed before Monday (April 8) evening 

    1) Deferred Spending Activity

    Working on the concept that "just because you have money, you don't have to spend it", students are asked NOT to spend money this week and instead if they want to buy something ask themselves 3 questions: Do I need it? Will I use it? Will I enjoy it? .  Post the picture of what they were thinking of buying on Instagram or Facebook under the #explorerhop and tell me what the responses were.  If your family does not have Instagram or Facebook they can simply email me a picture with their responses to the 3 questions. The email is:   

    This activity is to help them to pause before spending money or investing in shares without understanding the information first. 

    2) Complete this Short exercise on Savings:

    3) Bank Account & Debit Card: 

    All students are highly recommended to open a bank account and get a debit card.  We will be talking about money safety and how to use a bank account next week.  They do not need to bring the debit card to school but will need it for the homework next week.  

    For students who do not have a bank account and a student debit card, a lot of our students go to Meridian Credit Union as they are very child friendly and the process seems to be stress free.  We normally recommend the St. Clair & Yonge Branch.  They are used to kids in our program coming there and provide appointments so you are in and out in a few minutes.  (Note: We do not benefit from this in any way.  We are simply sharing this information based on feedback received from previous students).  

    Contact at Meridian Credit Union: 

    Branch Manager: Kerelle Lovelace, Tel: 416-925-3887, ext 3260

    or contact Jade:  Tel:416-925-3887, ext 3254

    Address: St. Clair Branch, 26 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1L7

    4) Stock Market Challenge starts next week. 

    Please ask your child to come with 2 companies they would like to start investing in.  They should be prepared to answer these questions about the company:

    • What does the company do?
    • What do I think makes it a good investment?
    • What news is being reported about the company?


    Hello from Explorer Hop! 

    Thank you for registering your child for our Kids Learn about Money program (April 1 - May 27 (8 weeks))

    We are looking forward to meeting your child and teaching them about money management and investment.  Be prepared to have some wonderful conversations around money at the dining table! 

    Parents are requested to do 2 things: 

    1) Bookmark this page so that you know what we are doing and get reminders as needed. 

    2) Complete our online form so that we can start getting to know your child and preparing for them. 

    Enjoy your Spring Break! 



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