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Innovation Week (July 9 - 13)

Innovation Week (July 9 - 13)


Day 5 (July 13) 

The week has gone by so fast!  Most of the kids commented today how they couldn't believe it's already Friday! 

Today, we studied about Italy and the Renaissance movement. The children learnt all about Leonardo Da Vinci and the Vitruvian Man. They measured themselves to see if the distance from their head to toe is the same as their wingspan and then discovered that 10 hand spans were the same as their height!  

Camp Millionaire:. Our money segment was all about Gift Giving and how you should only spend what you have. Children learnt - if you don't have the money, don't spend it.

All the kids spent the afternoon making pasta which was a lot of fun! Then there was dancing where they learnt traditional Italian dancing, did sports and of course, water play! 

Thank you!  And we look forward to having your child again in our programs! 



Day 4 (July 12)

We have such an amazing group that the days go by so fast!  It's hard to imagine that tomorrow is the last day. 

Today we learnt about North America and South America.  We learnt about New York City and Ecuador.  The kids really love the adventure stories and totally get into it.  

After that the kids worked in pairs and learnt some Salsa and Meringue dancing. 

Camp Millionaire: We followed their stocks and the kids saw for themselves how news impacts their stock price.  For example, Costco stopped selling hot dogs yesterday and their share price went down so today they decided to reverse that decision and the share price went up! 

We also learnt about the importance of buying local and how we can support the local economy.  I feel like this group, even thought it is much younger, has picked up a lot of information on financial matters. 

Around the World in 5 Days:  They made Cinco-de-Mayo masks and Maracas! 

After that the whole team made tie-dye t-shirts and played Tumbang Presso and Marbles.  Obstacle courses and Splash Play ended the day! 

Please remember for tomorrow: 

1) Their Tie-Dye shirts will stay here as it is messy business to remove the bands.  I will do that tomorrow with the kids and leave them out to dry.  Hopefully this will mean less mess at your homes. 

2) Friday at 3.30pm we have our Diploma Graduation, so please come with your cameras to take pictures of the kids getting their certificates. 

3) Please send things for Splash Time tomorrow. 


Day 3 (July 11)

Another day that went by so fast!  It's awesome when kids are having fun! 

We learnt all about Ancient Egypt and the boy king Tutankhamen.  They learnt about Pyrqmids and legends around them.

After that we had a lesson where all the kids did belly dancing!  They were having so much fun that 2 senior parishioners who were in the garden joined the dancing! 

Camp Millionaire kids learnt about investing in Gold versus the Stock Market. They saw how the earlier they invest the more money you can make.

After that we did a lesson in how to keep your money safe which the kids enjoyed a lot.

Around the World in 5 Days camp made themselves pharaoh crowns and capes. 

All kids then played games with marbles and had so much fun that I strongly recommend it to others to play at home.

This was followed with obstacle courses, games and soccer. 

And finally, splash time!  


Need for tomorrow:

1) Old light colored t-shirt for tie-dye

2) Camp Millionaire: Kids have written their stock names, ticker symbols and prices.  They should do research on their companies and come ready to tell everyone. 

3) Please send a swimsuit and a change of clothes with your child.  If the weather is warm we will turn on the sprinklers again. 

4) Friday:  Parents are invited to come at 3.30 for our Diploma Graduation where all kids get a certificate.  Please bring your cameras and be prepared to take tons of pictures. 


Day 2 (July 10) 

A packed day full of fun! 

We started the morning by learning all about Australia.  We spent some time talking about global warming, the ozone layer and the children all brainstormed what they can do to reduce pollution in their communities. 

After this we had a dance class where our very versatile teacher taught them the Kookaburra Dance from Australia.  The kids had a great time with it. 

The campers who are in Camp Millionaire spent the rest of the morning learning about Carbon Tax and the alternatives.  We learnt about Cap and Trade and Congestion Charges and they tried to find other solutions to the carbon problem. 

The campers from Around the World made their own mini coral reefs and really go into it.  They also made their own rafts. 

We played the Australian game of egg and spoon race and I was quite surprised at how the two youngest campers were also the most coordinated and how they scored the highest points! 

After a quick lunch, we learnt about the stock market and the kids will come home and talk about "Equity"!   We started our Investment Challenge today so please allow them access to the computer to do their homework. 

Here are the stocks they picked: 

Loic: McDonalds

Jacob: PetroCanada

Olivia: Indigo & Costco

Alyssa: Petsmart

David: Amazon

After an hour of sports we had fun splashing in the water. 

It really was a nice day. 

Things to bring tomorrow:

1)  Camp Millionaire: Kids have written their stock names, ticker symbols and prices.  They should do research on their companies and come ready to tell everyone. 

2) Please send a swimsuit and a change of clothes with your child.  If the weather is warm we will turn on the sprinklers again. 

3) On Thursday - Please send an OLD light coloured t-shirt with your child.  It's ok if it has print on it.  We will do some version of tie dye.  Please also send your child on Thursday with clothes that can be stained.  


Day 1 (July 9) 

This is going to be a great week! We have a great bunch of kids and one kid who is only 7 but totally got the point of saving and budgeting money!  

Our day started with learning all about India.  We went through the adventure of Mira & Teyus and the kids learnt all about the Taj Mahal.  In between, they tried out a saree and a lunghi (sarong for boys).  Everyone had fun.  

They wrote their names in traditional Hindi characters and learnt how Indian alphabet and word structure is do different.  

After this we had our dance segment where our awesome teacher Lena taught them Bollywood dancing.  The boys had an amazing time! The girls were a bit reserved at first but by the end of the hour they were as good as any Bollywood dancer! 

We then started learning about Money and Savings.  The camp this week is much younger and I was surprised how quickly they picked up the concepts.  All the kids wrote what they wanted to save for and this included a cat, a little house, a tree house and 3 houses.  

We did some obstacle courses with Mehmet today and it was so much fun. The kids were laughing non-stop! 

After the obstacle course we learnt how to budget and one of our campers managed to cut her budget from $3500 to $340 using all the pointers we had learnt!  I was impressed. 

Art wise, we tried out Okra and Zuchinni painting.  The kids drew their own Indian Royal Elephants. 

This week, we have a camper who wants to start his own business.  He is a chess champion and wanted to start his own Chess classes.  We started learning how to set up your own business.  

Things to bring tomorrow: 

1) Please send a swimsuit and a change of clothes with your child.  If the weather is warm we will turn on the sprinklers. 

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