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5 Body Language Tips To Use During Your Next Public Speech

5 Body Language Tips To Use During Your Next Public Speech

Giving a speech in front of an audience is something your child will have to do in both school and future workplace settings. It is proven that Public Speaking is impossible to avoid! So we must begin to coach our children on how to become confident and strong in every public speaking opportunity they encounter. 


Body Language

When you’re presenting in front of an audience, it is very important to consider the type of body language that you portray, as that goes hand-in-hand with the words you are speaking. Having effective body language throughout your speech can make it more powerful, convincing, and exciting to watch. This is why you must move your body with purpose when public speaking. Avoid going over the top with your body language. Instead, use it as a tool to make your speech both inspirational and impactful.



It is also essential to maintain proper posture. Standing tall and confident will allow your audience to place trust in what you are speaking about. Ensure that your feet are hip-width apart and your weight is evenly distributed to have proper posture throughout your speech. Standing with proper posture can also help you breathe better as your chest can fully expand.


Eye Contact

Next, make sure you are holding eye contact with the audience. During live presentations, there may be a larger audience’s making it hard to maintain eye contact with each person. Instead of “staring off into space” or only keeping eye contact with one person, move from face to face, momentarily maintaining eye contact with all members of your audience. This will motivate them to listen intently to your presentation and stay focused. 



During your presentation, if you are moving from one fact to the next, indicate this change in your speech through switching positions on stage. This will help your audience move through the different information you are presenting with ease. Additionally, if your speech contains a persuasive component, and your desired goal is to convince your audience of something here is a top tip! Move closer to the audience when you are trying to be convincing, this will invite feelings of positivity and your listeners will be more likely to trust what you are saying.


Hand Gestures

Lastly, use slight hand gestures to emphasize important points in your speech. The use of effective hand gestures will help you create impactful statements throughout your presentation. If the information you are sharing is shocking or very important for your audience to internalize, use hand gestures to indicate this so they know you mean business!


Above all, it is very important to release any tension and stress you hold before a big presentation. Believe it or not, the audience can see if you are stressed through your body language. Tell your child to let go of any irrational fears before they get on stage, and watch them become public speaking superstars!


Still, feel like your child would benefit from extra education on how to become a pro-public speaker? Well, you are in luck! Explorer Hop is running a Public Speaking Camp this summer for grades 4-6. To check this out and our other Public Speaking and Leadership camps, follow this link:  

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