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5 Signs Your Kid Must Participate in our Global Investment Challenge

5 Signs Your Kid Must Participate in our Global Investment Challenge

“Oh, I wish I knew how to do this before.” Something that we talk or discuss often when it comes to money management, right? And as parents, the ultimate goal is to teach our kids certain skills that will ensure they are future-ready!

At Explorer Hop, we believe in empowering kids and hence teach Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Money Management. We teach the basics of financial literacy, how to build an online business, talk about saving and investing, budgeting, and also Cryptocurrency!

So why should you teach your kids about Investing? We know that talking about investing and saving early on, helps kids understand the importance of money. They know exactly how much effort and work are put in to earn and save money! Giving them this opportunity to learn and ask questions right now means that they will have a better hold on their financial future. This learning will help them question, think, and reflect about money matters from an early age and thus they’ll be better equipped in their adulthood. And that’s what we want right? A brighter and better future for our kids. 

Taking this thought even further, we built a Global platform for kids to learn and actually invest in virtual stocks per the real stock market! Isn’t that cool? Wouldn’t you want your kid to dive into the beautiful world of investment? We bet you do and we have just the right challenge for them! 

Image of a gold trophy and details of Global Investment Challenge

If you’re still not sure, here are 5 signs why your kids must participate in our Global Investment Challenge


  • Experience Stock Market, Trading, and Investing without using real cash but as per the simulation of the Global Stock Market!

    Image of stock market charts and maginifying glass

    • Get to invest virtual $30,000 in your virtual portfolio.

    Image of calculator and stock charts

    • Learn to buy, sell or secure stocks on our easy-to-understand virtual trading platform.

    Image of Stock Market Numbers

    Image of stock market for the learn to trade course

    • Compete with kids of age 11-17, from around the world and get a chance to win prizes worth $500!

    Image of kids posing as winners

    We believe that raising a financially smart generation is the need of the hour, it’ll only help our kids have a bright, healthy future. Imagine what the world would be like when these kids take over! It's only the start, we would say! We’re eager to empower them with this knowledge and to see them thrive. 


    Sign up now for our Global Investment Challenge and marvel at how all the young kids break the stock market!

    Sign up here:

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