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Why We Love 'Investing' and You Should Too!

After a 20-year career spent managing high-profile corporate projects and travelling the globe (visiting more than 45 countries, and living in eight), Hasina Lookman was ready for a change. She wanted the autonomy to do something she loved that would make a difference in the lives of others. But what? Her 10-year-old daughter, Mira, suggested teaching kids about money and travel — two areas in which Hasina has plenty of expertise. So, she started Explorer Hop— a series of “adventure” programs that teach kids financial literacy and global awareness, helping develop financially savvy youth with an appreciation for different cultures.

At Explorer Hop we firmly believe that everyone should be financially independent. One of the things we always advocate is to learn investing and offer various money management and financial literacy courses for kids and young adults! Here’s what some parents and teachers have to say about our courses:


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 Of course, you must have heard that if you’re not investing, you are missing out on opportunities to increase your financial worth. For this reason, we want to empower kids with financial literacy and recommend the following programs:

Our investing courses are loved by both parents and students and have often been requested to introduce similar courses for young kids as well! We do have similar courses on Investing and Money Management for kids from Grades 1 to 6 and you can check them out here:

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