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Global Investment Challenge 4 | Jan 23 - March 6, 2023

Global Investment Challenge 4 | Jan 23 - March 6, 2023

Welcome to the Global Investment Challenge

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Global Investment Challenge!  We are super excited to have you participate.  

Let's get you started. First thing you need is your PIN and Password to connect to our online Trading Platform. 

If you still don't have your PIN and Password, follow these steps: 

1) Check your email (including the spam and folders).  You are looking for an email from Explorer Hop Tech <>

2) Open that email and there will be a link. Click on the link - this is your unique secured link to register. 

3) Add your name and other cool details and you will get your PIN and Password. 

4) To start trading, go to, enter your PIN and Password and off you go! 

Need Help entering a trade or how to use the system? 

1) Click here to go to our Help. 

2) If you still have questions please email us at or message us using our chat function on

Get all our updates!

Get on to our Discord for trading discussions!  We have a very active discord channel.

Join us on Instagram to get the latest updates on the competition!

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