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How To Know The Best Time To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: when it comes to money and investing, timing is everything. 

Arguably, those three words do not resonate stronger in any part of our modern financial landscape than cryptocurrency. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and Solana, among hoards of other cryptos, this area of finance is one that seems to be growing in prevalence and prominence by the day. With that said, however, cryptocurrency and learning how to invest in this space can be one of the scariest and least stable ventures any of us make as investors.

Investing in crypto, especially considering the natural volatility of this medium, at the right time versus the wrong one can be the difference between profiting thousands and losing everything you put in, so we wanted to help you with that process. 

Accordingly, today’s blog will cover just that. 

Read on to find out our tips for how to know the best time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Let’s get started.


The fundamental key to finding the right time to invest in cryptocurrency is research. This is true of every area of investing, but especially a volatile and unpredictable space like crypto. Take a good amount of time before you even consider buying into cryptocurrency to research and assess things like what cryptos to buy, which to avoid, how much money to put in as an initial investment and, of course, strategies for entry into and exit from the cryptocurrency space. This research, and we mean all of it, will be crucial to your success as a cryptocurrency investing extraordinaire.  

To be more specific, one resource you can use for help with knowing when to enter the crypto space is StockTwits. StockTwits is basically Twitter for stock traders and investors in that it allows for conversation, debate and idea-sharing between people in this space. With a search bar that allows you to look up a specific stock or crypto as well as find people who you trust on the subject to follow, this platform can be a great start for figuring out your own personal entry point into this world depending on the specific cryptocurrency you are looking to buy. 


Sometimes, despite the level of research you commit to doing, no matter how much you try to look for specific guidance, you might get stuck without a solid answer for the right or best time to invest in crypto. In that case, we recommend looking for a price target you are comfortable with as a guidance point for entering the crypto world. “Price target” is the term used to describe the dollar figure that analysts and experts predict a particular stock or financial asset will reach or drop to. As it relates to market entry, a good strategy would be identifying a “low-point” price and tracking the cryptocurrency until it reaches that point or gets close enough to it that you feel it is a good time to “buy in”. This is a good way to go beyond the second-hand information you receive through the research methods we discussed above and make sure you are comfortable with the entry point you are choosing when you are ready to invest in cryptocurrencies.     

That’s all for this blog, folks.


Now tell us, did this post spark your interest in cryptocurrency and leave you wanting to know more about the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as a starting point? 

Check out Explorer Hop’s Bitcoin program to help both you and your child learn more about the reality of Bitcoin in a fun & easy-to-understand class that will demystify this complex and intricate part of our financial landscape and give you a serious advantage when it comes to picking the right crypto down the line. 

Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the game, sign up for our program and get a leg up as you prepare for whenever you are ready to be part of the real world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

Happy crypto-learning!

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