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Powerful Women In Finance Your Child Can Be Inspired By

As we approach International Women’s Day on March 8th, we at Explorer Hop wanted to take some time to highlight a few very powerful and influential women right in our domain – the world of finance – that your child, no matter their gender, can be inspired by. 

These women have carved out amazingly inspirational careers and positions for themselves, which we think are incredibly important to highlight every day, but especially as we come up on a day designed to give special focus to the women in all of our lives who make a difference in the world. 

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These women below are not being placed in any particular order. They are all powerful, important, and praise-worthy role models/leaders that all of us, but especially our children, can be inspired by every day.

1. Anne Ackerley 

Anne Ackerley is a Harvard-educated businesswoman who has dealt in several different areas of finance, from investment banking and asset management to where she is now, the Head of the Retirement Group at BlackRock – an investment management company said to be the world’s largest asset managers with roughly 10 trillion (yes, that’s trillion with a T) dollars in assets as of January 2022. Anne’s career has been so prestigious that she was also named one of 2021's most influential women in U.S. finance.

2. Heather Bellini

Heather Bellini was involved as the leader of the technology research group at Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s top investment banking companies. Holder of an M.B.A in Finance from Columbia University, ranked in’ top 5 Finance schools in the US, Heather has enjoyed an illustrious career in finance working in many different roles throughout her career. Similar to Anne Ackerley, Heather was named one of 2020's most influential women in U.S. finance by Barron. 

3. Shanu Hinduja

Shanu Hinduja is the chair of Hinduja bank in Switzerland, among many other proud accomplishments in her career in finance. Most notably, however, we would argue, Shanu is a noted and respected advocate and voice for empowering women in finance. She has gained great notoriety in the world of finance for this empowerment, and with a share in her family’s net worth of $19.5 billion dollars, Shanu is both successful in her own right as a figure in finance and successful in uplifting women to be much the same way as her.

4. Christine Benz

A nearly 30-year veteran in finance, Christine Benz began her career doing similar things as we do here at Explorer Hop now – teaching kids about financial literacy. Although her medium was mainly video, Christine has been praised for her work in this realm, being a known crusader focused on creating articles, podcasts and more around financial literacy. The current director of personal finance at Morningstar, an American financial services firm, Ms. Benz plays an important role in educating the masses about financial literacy today, making her a great role model for all of us and our children.

We trust and hope that the inspirational stories of these four women, although they are but a few of the countless examples we have of powerful and inspirational women in the world of finance today, will help you give your child ideas of worthy role models they can be inspired by as young boys and girls.  

If these powerful women have given you, as a parent to our next generation of great young minds, the desire to start your children on a similar path to the one they are taking as prominent figures of finance, we encourage you to check out our personal finance programs today!

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With nationally and internationally-acclaimed programs designed and curated for children in grades one all the way through 12, allow Explorer Hop to be the springboard for your child’s financial literacy journey because… who knows… maybe our courses will be the boost your child needs to one day end up on a list like this themselves. 

Visit our website today and sign up for one of our programs – either in personal finance or one of the other many areas we offer classes for – right now!  


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