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Aug 24, 2022

What is the Right Percentage of Income To Put Aside For Emergencies?

A lot of money allocation strategies we hear about today will tell you to split your money into three common areas – spending on needs, spending on wants and money set aside for savings. Our blog today will tackle a very important, yet forgotten subject: the right percentage of income to put aside for emergencies.

Aug 17, 2022

What is the Right Percentage of Income To Put Aside For Savings?

In recent weeks, we at Explorer Hop have done a lot of talking about money and how to allocate it. Starting with our blog on allocating your child’s allowance, we’ve really focused on budgeting a lot recently. Today, we will tackle a somewhat more elusive topic: the right percentage of income to put aside for savings.

Aug 17, 2022

How and Why You Should Start Teaching Your Child About Taxes As A Pre-Teen

Going through tax season, in some ways, can feel like stepping into a washing machine and turning on the spin cycle. To help make sure your kids don't struggle the same way, here is a blog on how and why we believe you should jump-start your child’s understanding of taxes from when they are pre-teens.

Aug 8, 2022

The Best Way To Divide A Child’s Allowance Between Spending on Needs, Spending on Wants and Savings

One of the first money principles we learn as young adults (even as kids) is budgeting. We learn early on that we cannot simply just spend all of our money, but we must instead allocate our money across a few different areas. Today, our blog will focus on the best way to budget your child's allowance.

Aug 8, 2022

Here Are The 5 Richest Women In The World Today

With Women’s Equality Day tomorrow, and our company’s focus on finance and financial literacy, we wanted to take this time to shine more light on a specific group of people we don’t feel is represented as they should be - rich and successful women. Here are 5 of the richest women in the world in 2022.

Aug 2, 2022

Here’s How To Get Your High School Students More Interested in Finance

World Teachers Day is this week, so we want to celebrate all of you educators! As an educator, you’re always focused on your students. If you believe that all kids should be exposed to the wonders of finance early in their read on to see our three ways to help you get your students more interested in finance.

Aug 2, 2022

Why 18 Is The Right Age To Start Building Credit

We’re fairly confident that, as an adult, you are comfortable with your level of money knowledge, right? Well, answer this: what is the youngest age you could possibly get a credit card? Spoiler Alert… 18 years old. In today’s blog, we will touch on just that: why 18 is the right age to start building credit.

Jul 28, 2022

A Few Key Tips When Saving For Your Child’s Future

We all want to set our children up for future financial success, right? Don’t worry, this is a safe space. You can tell us in the comments below if you really hate your kids… we’ll keep it a secret… shhhhh. In all seriousness, here are a few key tips we wanted to give you about saving for your kid’s future. 

Jul 6, 2022

4 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Filing Taxes

Taxes are a necessary evil in our financial lives. We must pay taxes no matter how annoying or expensive or time-consuming they are. There are severe penalties for not paying taxes, too, but we won’t get into those today. Today, we will cover four things we wish people told us about filing taxes.

Jun 28, 2022

What Happens When You Get Rejected For a Credit Card

There are many reasons you get rejected for a credit card, some to do with your financial situation and some not. In fact, we already put out a blog about the top three reasons that may happen. Today, we will discuss what happens next.. what happens after you get rejected for a credit card.

Jun 20, 2022

The Most Important Mistakes Your Child Should Avoid When They Start Building Credit At 18

We’ve done a few blogs already on the idea of building credit immediately when you are legally allowed to do so at 18 years of age. In today's blog, we want to expand on that and discuss the four most important mistakes your child must avoid when starting to build their credit at 18.

Jun 20, 2022

Why Job Stability Will No Longer Exist

We did a blog recently on what it is like being a young person today. One thing that we did not touch on in that blog, but we want to talk about today, is the state of job stability in modern society as it pertains to the current generation of children and young adults. Read today's blog for more.
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