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Feb 10, 2022

3 Math Games To Really Engage Your Students In The Classroom

Imagine this: you can take the frowns you’re seeing on your students' faces during math class and turn them upside down. How? Games. This blog is Explorer Hop's guide to three math-related games that you can implement into your future lessons to ensure that your students stay focused, engaged and having fun with math.

Feb 3, 2022

How Teachers Can Make Math More Fun For Kids

Think back to a time when you were a kid and you couldn’t care less about the schoolwork you were doing. Kids today have the same problem. We’ve come up with some ways to curb this issue for your kids, at least when it comes to math. Read on for Explorer Hop’s three strategies for making math more fun for kids.

Nov 30, 2021

Don't Miss Out on This Math Hackathon

Learning math can be fun and Explorer Hop is here to just do that! We’re taking it one step further and introducing a Math Hackathon. Why a Hackathon you ask? Hackathons are a great opportunity to bring students, teachers and parents together and to instil a spirit of passion and enthusiasm for Math Challenges!

Nov 29, 2021

Learn Math through Fun Games

Everyone says learning through fun games and activities helps kids learn effectively. We do see a difference in the w...

Mar 19, 2020

8 tips to keep our kids learning in the time of COVID-19

Worried how to keep your child occupied while school is out? Check out our tips on how keep them learning and occupied!

Oct 8, 2019

Math is Important to Financial Success - Just Not in the Way You Think!

In our programs we have seen all kinds of kids with amazing talents over the past few years. As an established progra...
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