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Want To Raise The Next Bill Gates? We Have One BIG Tip!

Want To Raise The Next Bill Gates? We Have One BIG Tip!


From a young age, Bill Gates was competitive and had a drive for nothing less than excellence. He loved competing in games like Risk and Monopoly and even helped plan a “Family Olympics” at his summer house. Bill inherited his competitive spirit from his mother, who was an athletic and outgoing student. Bill had a close relationship with his mom. She was a teacher who eventually took time to raise her children and take part in social initiatives. Fittingly she was also a board member at IBM. 


If you notice that your child has a competitive drive and a knack for planning and scheduling like Mr.Gates, they might be prime candidates for our Camp Millionaire program. You can sign up for our FREE demo session, taking place from June 26-28. During these demo sessions, kids will learn leadership skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Find out more by visiting the link below:


It’s an understatement when we say that Bill Gates loves to read. And Bill doesn’t just stick to reading novels. Growing up he would often spend hours tearing through encyclopedias! It’s been stated time and time again from some of the most successful people in the world that reading is the ultimate life skill. If you look at the childhood of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors; everyone from Warren Buffet, to Steve Jobs and Oprah, loved to read, and they read a lot!

The road to teaching financial literacy at a young age starts with basic literacy skills. So how can you motivate your child to start reading? We have 3 quick tips to get you started!


1. Make Time For Reading

Most kids, and adults, complain that reading is “hard” or reading is “boring.” This just means they haven’t found what they like to read, and to do that they need time! Take 30 minutes everyday to sit down and read aloud with your child. The best time to do this is before bed, that way kids associate reading with relaxation and leisure. Story-time is not just for kids! Everyone can enjoy a good story time session no matter their age.


2. Lead By Example

If your kids see you spending your time relaxing with a good book, they’ll want to join you. You are the biggest influence on your child’s habits, so incorporating some more reading time into your life will encourage them to pick up the habit.


3. Read Different Genres

One reason kids don’t like to read is because they never find a genre that appeals to them. During reading time, try experimenting with different genres. Action, suspense, comics, and  biographies are all great choices. Look at Bill Gates, he read encyclopedias! There’s a genre for everyone. 

At Explorer Hop we believe that every child has the potential to learn financial literacy, and that begins with basic literacy and reading skills. Our award winning Camp Millionaire program has made finance fun for thousands of kids around the world aged 6-17. Our programs turn investing into an interactive game allowing students to not only have fun, but build financial literacy skills that will last a lifetime. Explorer Hop is dedicated to fuelling your child’s entrepreneurial spirit while delivering the skills they’ll need for financial freedom.


To learn more visit:


Watch our video to learn how Bill Gates sold his first computer program for $20,000 when he was 13 years old!


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