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Global Investment Challenge: General & Investing Rules

Here is an overview of our General and Investing Rules.  Please read all of it as it will answer many questions you have.

General Rules:

  • Participants must be enrolled in a school (or be actively home schooled) and be between 11-18 years old. 
  • The use of paid advisors/education consultants/agents is prohibited. It is a designed to be a positive learning experience.  Positive learning welcomes mistakes because that's where you learn the most. 
  • Our code of conduct extends to how all participants should behave with each other and with the staff.   Polite and respectful communication through in-person, email and social media interactions, and to communicate any concerns or grievances with a courteous tone and language. Explorer Hop will not tolerate negative, threatening or off-color behavior of any kind, and reserves the right to disqualify the participant for any such behavior in its sole discretion.
  • This competition prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, age, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected class.
  • Explorer Hop staff are not able to provide stock tips, opinions on your portfolios or offer any other kind of investment advice - so please don't ask us because we really can't help you! 

Trading Rules & Guidelines

  • You have an initial virtual portfolio of  USD $30,000
  • The funds are in USD
  • You can trade as much as you want as long as you have the virtual funds to do so.
  • You need to login daily in order for your portfolio to update. 

Logging in

You have been issued a 5 digit PIN (starting wit 00XXX). Please use only this to login.

The data comes with security features built in. If you try to use a different PIN it will simply block your IP address.
This limits how much we can help you.

If you forget your PIN send us a message and we will get back to you in 1 business day.  

First Name Add Your First Name to Login.
Landing page
Brokerage As soon as you login for the first time, you will need to pick a broker. On the platform, you will see realistic commissions charged by real brokers in Canada. The selection you make cannot be undone and stays for the rest of the competition.
Portfolio Allocation This section is to help you put your thoughts together before you start investing. It is non-binding and used to help you create a plan. Before you dive into trading, take some time to see how to break up your portfolio. You have the following options:
  • Stocks
  • Mutual Funds / ETF
  • Fixed Income
  • F/X
  • Cash
Portfolio Overview At the top of the page, you will find Portfolio Overview. You can go back to your portfolio at any time by clicking here.
Our Programs If you want to learn more about Investing click Our Programs > Select a Program> Search by Interest> Young Investors
Portfolio Overview This page gives you a breakdown of your portfolio. YOUR PORTFOLIO IS ONLY UPATED WHEN YOU LOGIN. So make sure to login every day so the value gets updated.
My Profile Here you will find your PIN Number, First Name and Last Name. It's a good idea to take a screenshot of this page.
Statement Here you will find what you bought and sold and how much money you made.
Rankings The top 10 portfolio values will be given here. Every day, we will post on Instagram the top 3 winners. Make sure to follow @explorerhop now.
Investing in Shares To invest in shares cliick " Buy Stocks" at the bottom of you you will need to provide accurate information about the company you want to invest in.
Ticker Provide the Ticker for the company. If the company is listed in a stock market outside the US, make sure to add the "dot extension" such as .TO for stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Company Name We need the first 6 characters of the company to match the exact company name. An easy trick is simply to get the information from Yahoo Finance or Google and copy/paste it into the field
# of Shares This is the number of Shares you want to purchase, it needs to be a whole number. Make sure you can afford the number of shares you want to buy. 
Price This is the current price of the stock. The system allows a 1% deviance in the price when you enter, but your trade will go through at the actual market price. Put the price in the native currency. DO NOT convert it to USD or CAD. 
DRIP If a company is not giving dividends (you can find this information on Yahoo Finance) you click No Drip. If you want DRIP then you need to make sure you have purchased enough to get a whole share.
Confirmation The confirmation will convert the price and cos of purchasing your stocks to USD and give you the option to accept or not. 
Selling Shares To sell a share go to the Portfolio Overview page. Scroll to the bottom to the share you want to sell and click on it. Add the current price and press continue. You must sell ALL SHARES you have in the company.
Investing in Mutual Funds To invest in shares click  " Buy Mutual Fund / ETF" at the bottom of your Portfolio Overview page.  You will need to provide accurate information about the company you want to invest in. Most of the information you need is found in Yahoo Finance (look for funds) or in Morningstar.ca (look for funds here but then get the fund info from Yahoo- the free account does not come with the Fund Ticker)
Fund Ticker The easiest place to find the fund ticker is on Yahoo Finance. Put in the fund name and it will give you a long number that is the ticker.
Fund Name This is the whole long name of the fund. Add the Series and everything. I would recommend copy/ paste it from Yahoo Finance or from Morningstar.
# of units Add the number of units you want to buy
Current Price (NAV) Add the NAV here
Invest in Fixed Income GIC Fixed Income are products that give you interest. In the competition you are only allowed to invest in GICs. Interest on the GIC is calculated as 1 day= 1 month so as to fast track the learning process.
To invest in GIC
  1. Pick the Duration
  2. Pick the GIC
  3. Enter the Amount
  4. Press Continue
Invest in Foreign Exchange To invest / trade in Foreign Exchange (FX), Click " By Currency" .You will need the 3 digit code for the currency you want to trade.
Currency We have all major currencies in the system so pick the 3 letter code for the currencies and add that here.
Amount This is how much of that currency you are buying. It is not how much you are spending. Once you click exchange rate you will see how much this currency trade will cost you.
Brokerage This is the cost of putting in the currency trade.
To Sell Currency You can sell one currency and buy another. All currencies you hold are at the bottom of your portfolio overview. Click on the one you want to sell, and then select the currency you want to convert it into. Once you hit confirm you will see if you made a gain / loss in this trade.
Invest in Limit Trade Limit Trades are when you decide how much you want to pay for a stock and just wait for it to come to that price. In our system you can only BUY with limit trades. You cannot Sell with Limit Trades.
To place a limit trade Add the ticker, company price, number of shares, Target Price and Expiry Date
Target Price This is the price you are willing to pay for the stock. It should be in the currency of the stock
Expiry Date This is the date when your limit trade will expire. If the stock you want hits this price you can buy it, if it doesn't it will expire
To check Limit Trades Go to the Portfolio Overview and scroll to the bottom, you will see the current price and the target price.
Cancel your limit trade Click the Limit Trade you want to cancel, and then click Continue.
Dollar Cost Averaging Dollar Cost Averaging is when you invest a little bit in the same stock. Click on "DCA" to do this.
Auto Invest Once you set up a DCA - you need to login every day. Add the current price of the share and it will auto invest.
Amount invested DCAs are limited in our system to only 7 days from the time you place the order. This is so that it provides a better learning experience. The amount you enter will automatically be divided into the number of days you have identified and it will invest that amount in the share you identified.
Selling Shares purchased through DCA When you sell a share you purchased through DCA, you follow the usual process for selling shares




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