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Awesome Branding: Launching your brand identity | August 23-27

Awesome Branding: Launching your brand identity | August 23-27

Day 5

Today we built a instagram account for the brand. We discussed profile, posting, hashtags and content calendars. 

Day 4

Today we spoke about building brand awareness. We discussed how to make a post and avenues to build brand awareness. 

Day 3

Today, we focused on building brand identity. We created a branding package by choosing brand colours, brand fonts and making a brand logo from this information. 

Day 2

We learned how to differentiate your brand from competitors and how to align your brand with your target market.

Day 1

Today, we learn about the foundational knowledge about brands. We learned about what the term brand means. We learned about different elements of branding and lastly played a game about logos. 

Welcome to Awesome Branding 

My name is Rajvi and I will be your child's instructor for the awesome branding course. 

In this course, we will teach students to create a great brand by developing a good brand identity. 

Zoom Link:

Meeting Times: 1 pm - 2 pm 

Meeting Dates: Aug 23 - Aug 27 

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