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Bitcoin and Blockchain | August 23-27

Bitcoin and Blockchain | August 23-27

Day 5

Great class as always, lots of participation and discussions.

Today we went over using support and resistance, moving average and the Ichimoku cloud to predict prices.

The concept of using historical price data to make price predictions is known as technical analysis. The tools we used today are known as indicators. There are a lot of indicators and strategies that traders used to make predictions.

The general idea is that the more tool you use and the more consistent the signals are, the more convincing the prediction will be.

It's been an enjoyable week for me!

Best of luck with your future endeavours. I hope to see you in the future!




Day 4

Great class today!

Went over a lot of content today.

  • Candlestick
  • Stablecoins
  • Consensus Algorithms

We also began our discussions on trading strategies

  • Reading trading pairs
  • Arbitrage opportunities
  • Moving average
  • Using Tradingview

Tomorrow, we will continue with trading strategies and indicators.

See you tomorrow!


Day 3

Today we learnt about how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies is by opening an account with crypto trading services. Many traditional brokers also offer crypto trading account.

However, users should be aware that these services are not regulated unlike stock brokers, therefore it is possible for these services to go bankrupt or scam users of their money.

There are also all type of cryptocurrencies out there and some are designed to accomplish different purposes. For example, Ethereum can also be used as smart contract.

See you tomorrow!


Day 2

Great class today once again. Lots of interesting discussions.

Today we went over what allow people to own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or virtual item.

The technology is known as Blockchain. It is a special structure that allow information to be stored in a very secured way through the use of cryptography. Once the information is stored, it is impossible to tempered with.

This allow individual to own virtual assets that no one else can be identify to the the owner of the same virtual assets.

Transaction information about cryptocurrencies are stored in network of ledgers using the blockchain technology. New entries to the ledgers are only genuine when it agrees with the rest of the network.

A complete transaction history allow balances of all the wallets to be kept track of.

Terms that was introduced:

  • Blockchain wallet
  • Hot and cold wallet
  • Private and public keys
  • Ledger

See you tomorrow!


Day 1

Great class today, thank you all for your participation!

Today we talk about what are cryptocurrencies are why are they valuable.

Many people see value in cryptocurrencies because unlike traditional fiat currencies like the USD or CAD, no government controls it. However, organized crime has also take advantage of this property to conduct illegal trade in underground economy using cryptocurrencies.

Another reason for why cryptocurrencies are valuable is because of the fear for inflation seen in fiat currencies.

Tomorrow, we are going to take a deeper look into how new cryptocurrencies are created.

See you tomorrow,



Hi everyone!


Welcome to the world of Bitcoin! 

My name is Aaron. I am currently a fourth-year accounting student at UofT. I look forward to sharing my passion in finance and to teach the next generation about Finance!

The purpose of the Bitcoin and Blockchain course is to give student a foundation on what is bitcoin and how to invest in bitcoin. Student will also learn how bitcoin can fit into their portfolio and how they compare to other financial products.


Classes will take place August  23 - 27, @ 4:00 - 5:00 pm EST (Toronto time)

Please ensure you have a Zoom account and are able to connect. 

Zoom link:


We look forward to meeting and working with your kids!



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