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Camp Millionaire Level 4 | August 30 - September 3

Camp Millionaire Level 4 | August 30 - September 3

Day 5

Wow, we went over a lot of material today!

Topics covered today:

  • Review of types of trade order
  • Purpose and implications of a stock split
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • Loans
  • Credit Card
  • Loan sharks
  • Mortgage
  • Car loan

These are very important topics to be aware of for teenagers and as they plan ahead for life!

Finally, we touched upon bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Definitely keep an eye out for the continuous development of cryptocurrency and its roles in the financial market. 

These topics will be vital and form the basis of what to consider when building your portfolio.

It was a pleasure teaching all of you. I hope to see you again!


Day 4

Nothing better than starting off a day learning about trading strategy and personal finance!


Today's challenge is a free for all! Invest in a stock or set up another limit trade!

Make sure your asset allocation is within what you desired in terms of risk and reward! We will take a look at it tomorrow!

Thank you very much for attending today's class and I will see you tomorrow!


Day 3

Great class as always. We covered a lot of fun and exciting topics today!

Everyone did very well! Very impressive! Keep up the good work!

We learnt about:

  • Registered savings accounts
  • TFSP
  • RRSP
  • RESP

We also went over some general tips for tax-saving strategies.

Today's challenge is to invest in a GIC if you have not done so already! If you have already invested in a GIC, invest in a stock!
Make sure you double-check with your plan for asset allocation when making trades!

Tomorrow, Nitish is going to finish up on tax-saving strategies and to introduce types of orders that you can make to enhance your investment strategies!

See you on Friday!


Day 2

Hi all!

Great class today. Had a lot of discussions and covered a wide range of topics.

We learnt about:

  • Progressive tax rate
  • Calculating federal tax
  • Understanding Taxable Capital Gain
  • Adjusted Cost Base and Book Value

Today's investment challenge is to create a profile on your future financial circumstances and start with investing in a Guaranteed Investment Certificate.

Tomorrow, we are going to go over various registered savings accounts.

See you tomorrow!


Day 1

Hi everyone!

We had a great class today, lots of discussions and participations.


  • Your financial circumstances
  • Considerations to make when building a portfolio
  • Risk vs reward trade-off
  • Asset allocations based on risk tolerance
  • Basics of taxes
  • Filing taxes

Tomorrow, we will continue of discussion on the basics of filing taxes and get started with the investment challenge!

See you tomorrow!



Hi everyone!


Welcome to Camp Millionaire! 

My name is Aaron. I am currently a fourth-year accounting student at UofT. I look forward to sharing my passion in finance and to teach the next generation about Finance!

The purpose of Camp Millionaire Level 4 is to give them a foundation on how to build a portfolio and understanding of taxation. This is based on the knowledge students have gained about investment throughout the prior level.


Classes will take place August 30 to Sept 3 @ 1:00 - 2:30 pm EST (Toronto time)

Please ensure you have a Zoom account and are able to connect. 

Zoom link:


We look forward to meeting and working with your kids!



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