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Graphic Design Level 1 | October 18 - December 13 | 5-6PM

Graphic Design Level 1 | October 18 - December 13 | 5-6PM


Day 5

Everyone created an awesome animation! Today, we learned about Brand Identity and have taken a look at examples of good design and bad design. We covered effective strategies that we can use to promote the business once the brand identity is built, such as social media. 

For homework, create an instagram post and story for your existing or imagined company. Think about the company name, color palette, and font style before designing the post! Add a headline, sub headline, images, a CTA button and decorative elements to make the post visually appealing! 

Resize to Instagram story after. Have fun :) 


Day 4

Today, we learned different types of animations such as 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics and GIF. We also discussed about traditional animation, what storyboards are and how they're used to create an awesome animation!


For homework, come up with a storyline and you can choose to create an animation or GIF! Duplicate the frame/page and move the objects to the desired direction. Have fun animating! 



Day 3

Everyone came up with a creative moodboard and it's nice to see them enjoy designing! Today, we learned about typography, different types of font styles and how they're used to convey messages. We took what we've learned so far to create a logo and a business card using typography, colors and shapes! 


For homework, pick a business (existing or imagined) or pick your favourite character and make them a business card! If you want to go beyond, create a logo as well to put on one side of your business card.

See you all next Monday! :)


Day 2


Everyone made an amazing design for their Portfolio Bio!


Today, we discussed about a color theory, color wheel and how colors communicate different emotions. We learned what a moodboard is and how they are used to translate an idea and a specific tone

For homework, pick a theme, animal or object and create a moodboard! Remember to choose no more than 4 colors and 2 font styles. 


See you next class! :)



My name is Gina Park, a graphic & web designer with a bachelor degree in Illustration. 

It was nice meeting everyone! Today, we created our Canva account and discussed basics of adding elements, exploring different colors and typography. We also talked about different types and principles of design. 


For homework, finish up your portfolio bio so we can take a look at them next week!


See you on Monday :) 

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