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Day Trading (Nov 6 - Dec 4)

Day Trading (Nov 6 - Dec 4)

Day 5

Today is our last class!

Today we went over some thought experiment on what makes day trading works.

To highlight the risk of day trading, we also discussed some reasons why you might not want to day trade.

Concluding the class, Ryan's case study serve as a good example for when day trading is done right.

Thank you for the great time we had! Best of luck with you future investing career!


Day 4

Covered a lot of topics today!

Recap of today's discussion:

Indicators are results of applying mathematical formula onto historical price and volume data that tells technical analysts the potential direction of stock price movement.

Many indicators revisits the concept of breakout and breakdown seen in support and resistance trendline.


  • Moving average: smooth out the fluctuations of stock prices
  • Average true rage: represent volatility of stock prices
  • Value area: price ranges that sees the most trading activity
  • Value area trading strategies

Advance application of value area trading, involve following the trading activities of institutional investors. Some specific rules that we discussed are the 90% rule and the POC rule.

See you next week!


Day 3

Great class!

We continue to expand our toolbox by recognizing various candlestick patterns and chart patterns.

Recognizing these patterns give day traders great opportunity for profits.

But remember that a single pattern is not enough to produce clear signals. Make sure you fully utilize your toolbox for in-depth analysis by exploring multiple signals simultaneously!

Over this week, try to see if you can recognize some of the patterns we talked about in today's class in your favourite stock!

See you next week!

Day 2

Fun class today.

Our first tool in our toolbox is using support and resistance to make predictions.

We defined several ways to use support and resistance and how we can draw them on TradingView.

By combining with trend channels, we can make more convincing predictions.
We will continue with reading candlesticks next week and continue to add more tools to our toolbox.

In the meantime, try to do some support and resistance analysis on your favourite stock!

See you next week!

Day 1

Great class today.

We went over what makes day trading unique and the risk involved in day trading.

We also stressed the importance of risk management and risk tolerance when considering day trade.

We started our discussion of technical analysis by differentiating it from fundamental analysis.

See you next week!


Hi everyone!


Welcome to The Day Trading course! 

My name is Aaron. I am currently a fourth-year accounting student at UofT. I look forward to sharing my passion in finance and to teach the next generation about Finance!

In the day trading course, we will learn how day trading is fundamentally different from investing and the risk and reward involved. We will also be exploring technical analysis techniques that day traders use to predict price movement.


Classes will take place every Saturday from November 6 to December 4 @ 10:00 - 11:00 am EST (Toronto time)

Please ensure you have a Zoom account and are able to connect. 

Zoom link:


We look forward to meeting and working with your kids!



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