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Graphic Design Level 2 | August 16-22 | 3-4PM

Graphic Design Level 2 | August 16-22 | 3-4PM


I love seeing students' improvements on their graphic design skills! They did a great job on the poster design! Today, we learned about mosaic design and I demonstrated of how we can create a portrait using basic shapes on Canva. We also learned how to use grouping, cropping and locking our shapes to make designing easier and fun! 

For homework, finish your mosaic design. We are going to be putting our works together in a portfolio tomorrow! 



Everyone created amazing social media post and stories! I'm really impressed with their hard work put into their design. Today, we talked about important things to consider when designing a poster such as: call to action, visual hierarchy, colors, fonts and icons. We learned that identifying a goal and our target audience is crucial step before taking visual considerations for our poster.


I'm excited to see what students have come up with their posters! 


We'll be creating a mosaic art for tomorrow's activity. 


See you! 



Today, we talked about what a brand identity is, how we can promote our brand in different social media platforms and sizing our designs for different platforms such as Instagram, facebook and twitter. We have also looked at examples of brand identity, good designed ad and badly designed ad. 


Tomorrow, we'll be learning about call-to-action and visual hierarchy. 


For homework, finish up your instagram post and stories! See you :) 



It was nice to see everyone again! Today, we recapped importance of colors, typography and layout in design. We visited to get color palette inspirations, learned how to we can obtain colors from an image and remove background of an image. 


Tomorrow, we'll be discussing what brand identity is and create our own social media posts for marketing our brand! 


For homework, finish up your album cover so we can take a look at them tomorrow!


See you all tomorrow. :)






My name is Gina Park, a graphic & web designer with a bachelor degree in Illustration. 


I am so excited to start Graphic Design level 2 class next week! 

We will be learning about topics such as: typography usage, building a brand identity, graphic design for album cover, social media and posters. This course aims to provide your child with a strong understanding of the advanced knowledge of Graphic Design.


For our first class your child will need an email to log into our designing site and access to a web browser such as google.


Looking forward to see everyone on Monday! 


Link to our zoom meeting for Monday at 3-4 PM EST:

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