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Setting an e-commerce business - July 19-23

Setting an e-commerce business - July 19-23

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Day 5
What we did: Today we discussed about Payment systems and Fullfilment. Now that our project is done, we know how to your e-commerce to create beautiful stores!
Thank you :)
Day 4
What we did: Today we looked at the About Us page. We looked at the structure of this page and customization options for a web pages including a few design tricks using tables. We also worked on our navigation bar.
What we do tomorrow: Let's work on the carousel banner tomorrow and spruce our theme colour palette.
See you tomorrow :)
Day 3
What we did: Today we looked at the product pages. We created 1-2 products related to our services. And discussed the anatomy and each part's importance. Please finish these pages, and we will link these to multiple categories and the main navigation menu. 
What we do tomorrow: Let's work on the navigation tool and About Us/Contact Us page. We will also work on a portfolio/gallery page for sample work tomorrow.
See you tomorrow :)
Day 2
What we did: We have made amazing progress on our sites! Our stores now have a dedicated logo with a brand palette. Using our hex codes, we edited our theme and the first few navigation options. You guys are picking up fast!
What we do tomorrow: Let's work on our Main menu and any cross-linking tomorrow. After that we will have 1-2 product pages ready!
See you tomorrow :)
Day 1 
Today's our first class and it was amazing!
What we did: We had an amazing round of introductions. And we got to start discussing what is e-commerce, it's importance and the future. We even start setting up shop today. Please complete the first thoughts in this chart today:
What we do tomorrow: Let's work on our branding strategy tomorrow (including Logos and Banners). We will need Canva tomorrow, it's a free graphic design tool. You can sign up at
See you tomorrow :)
Welcome to our program! 

My name is Savindi. I am Marketing and Operations Associate of Explorer Hop and will also be your child's Entrepreneurial coach this week.

The purpose of this camp is to teach children the potential of e-commerce and the importance of learning this valuable tool. Not only that, we are actually going to build our shop with BigCommerce.

I have met repeat students and so many of them have already built a business. It is so exciting to see them implement what they have learned through our Entrepreneurship, Video Editing, Graphic Design, and Website building classes. 

Here is the information you need to connect to the program on Monday:

Zoom Link:

Need from Parents:  Please can you complete the Student Information Form before the class. Here is the link:



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