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2017 Summer Camp: Day 3: Ancient Egypt, Investing in Gold, African Dancing and Coffee Tie-Dye

2017 Summer Camp: Day 3: Ancient Egypt, Investing in Gold, African Dancing and Coffee Tie-Dye

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It's been an awesome Day 3. 


We learnt about Ancient Egypt.  The campers heard about the tombs of the great pharoahs and the amount of gold that was found in some tombs.  They also learnt about robbers stealing a lot of the treasure, and about the Boy King Tutankhamen. 



We did an investment challenge of Gold vs. Dow Jones.  Most of the campers thought Gold would fare better in the long term and were surprised to find that it was actually the stock market.   You can see the results of their Gold vs. Stock Market Challenge here

The next thing we learnt about was How to Keep Your Money Safe and Prevent Fraud.  They went through the story of Edna, who has now also become their favourite.  After this they did a mission where they had to think about where they keep their money and precious belongings now and how they could make it safer.  You can see their submissions here

Finally, we did a bit of Trading for things where the campers are really starting to get the value of things. There was some hefty bargaining today! 



Our Sports Director Amr is simply brilliant!  He again made a super fun filled day full of different activities.  He was born and spent part of his childhood in Egypt so there were a lot of games that were played there that he showed them.  The kids really had fun. 


Coffee Tie-Dye.  Campers learnt how to put wax (Both dry wax and melted wax) on a shirt and  how to tie it up with rubber bands. They then died it in very strong coffee.  It was super interesting for them. 



Our wonderful dance instructor taught them some pretty cool african dance moves.  Check out the video here: 

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