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2017 Summer Camp Day 4: Australia, Carbon Tax and How to Keep Your Money Safe.

2017 Summer Camp Day 4: Australia, Carbon Tax and How to Keep Your Money Safe.

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What a fun day! 


We had spoken about Philippines and how the main character Mira siphoned water from a pool with a hose.  The kids were keen to try it, so our Sports Director Amr brought in his garden hose.  We placed one end in a red tub filled with water and our camper Bassel was most eager to blow at the other end to get the water out.  It looked like enough fun that even Amr got into it. 

We then got into discussing Australia and the environment.  The campers heard about the ozone hole, Paris Accords and how the coral reefs are dying. After this, they designed an efficient underwater exploration device. They all got a kick out of this. 


We started the day by talking about Carbon Tax and the kids were very interested in knowing about different ways they can save the environment which does not involve taxing them. They worked on a mission where they had to advise the Mayor of a town how he should deal with the pollution issue in his town.  You can read their responses here

We then learnt how to Budget with our favorite character Edna.  The kids really enjoyed this story.  They then did a mission on creating their own budget.  Check out their responses here


Today was team building day!  Our Sports Director, Mr. Amr divided the group into 2 teams and they had a number of really fun sports activities.  



Hip Hop!!  Watch these very cool kids getting better and better with the moves! 



Here is how our coffee dyed shirts look! 


We tried to fuse together plastic water bottles to create a recycling bin.  We shall try this again next year!  


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