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2017 Summer Camp Day 2 Theme: Ecuador, Free Trade Agreement, Trading Stuff and a bit of Latino Dancing

2017 Summer Camp Day 2 Theme: Ecuador, Free Trade Agreement, Trading Stuff and a bit of Latino Dancing

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Hello Everyone!

We've had a second amazing day at camp. 


We started the day with learning about Ecuador.  The campers learnt how roses from Ecuador come to North America and about music from South America.   The campers had fun creating their own roses. You can read their submissions here.

We had a special guest today, Fatima a 16 year old exchange student from Mexico spent the day with us.  She taught us some Spanish and told us about life in Mexico.  The campers were particularly interested to find out that Spanish tacos have meat that is cooked in the same was as Shawarma (vertically on a rotating grill).

Money Lessons:

We started the day Trading Stuff.  The campers learnt terms like Up Sell and also learnt how to value things.  Then we started trading things they had brought.  The most wanted item was the fidget spinner.  This was eventually traded for a toy chicken. You can check out how the campers did trading here. Ryder ended with the fidget spinner and Hussein totally impressed us with how he creating an awesome origami shirt and traded that for something of more value. 

We also spoke at length about Free Trade Agreements and how it impacts their lives.  The group was then divided in 2 groups who discussed trading organic and commercial strawberries.  Team Organic Strawberries won the debate.  We also spoke about the impact of immigration on a number of countries. Team Pro-Immigration won with their speaker totally knocking the arguments out.

They were also checking out their Virtual Investment Portfolio.  Bassel made the most money with a 1% gain in only 1 day.  


We honestly have the best Sports Director, Amr.  He was amazing!  The kids had so much fun playing that no one wanted to leave!   A lot of games they played today they had never played before so it was a lot of fun for everyone. 



We made Maracas which the campers then used it for dancing.  We also worked with Fatima, the exchange student from Mexico and made a Pinata.  This was a lot of fun.



Kayla had the kids dancing an awesome dance on matadors.  They had a lot of fun and I have to say the boys are getting pretty good at dancing.


Saree Draping: 

We never got around to trying out the sarees yesterday, so today some of the girls took turns trying it on.  


Notes for Parents: 

1) Please send lots of water with your kids tomorrow

2) Don't forget an old white t-shirt

3) If you have empty water bottles at home, please send those as we need it for our art project on Thursday. 

Please leave us come comments and share with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by email.



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