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4 Finance-Related Book Recommendations For Kids

Books are awesome. 

They’re like physical copies of the internet, almost. Wow, we sound really old-fashioned there, huh?

As we approach World Book Day on April 23rd, we wanted to showcase our love for books and share this love with you by giving you and your child four recommendations for finance-related books to read this year.  

1. Heads Up Money by Marcus Weeks

A book designed particularly for teenagers, Heads Up Money takes a stab at simplifying key financial topics in an easy-to-comprehend way for this age group. From international financial institutions to ethical trade and running your own business, this book uses graphics and text, capitalizing on real-world application of financial concepts, to teach young adults about the world of money around them.

Have you already bought this book for your teenager and are now looking for the next step to guide them through their financial literacy journey? Check out our personal finance programs, where we have classes for kids of all ages between grades 1 and 12 to teach them about saving and budgeting money, paying taxes and more! Visit our website for more information.

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2. The Everything Kids’ Money Book by Brette Sember

The Everything Kids’ Money Book by Brette Sember, much like some of the other books on this list, is a great example of a tone-setter for your child in the world of finance. This book explores credit cards, financial technology and more, concepts in the world of finance that we believe your child will benefit immensely from learning about at such a formative period in their lives.   

 child and parents putting money into piggy bank

3. B is For Bitcoin by Graeme Moore

B is For Bitcoin is a book that teaches readers the alphabet using words and terminology that exist in and around the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency more generally. Think of it as a 2-for-1 deal that provides your young child with a knowledge of their ABCs and ignites their early understanding of something that looks to only be turning into a bigger part of our lives by the day.

Have you maybe already given this book a look and are now interested in helping your child even further elevate their understanding of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? Visit our website today and register for our Bitcoin program. Whether you are just starting your child out on the journey of being a young investor or you are already a seasoned one, this fun and easy-to-follow class will demystify how bitcoins work. This class will also give you and your child – because, let’s be honest, we can all learn more about how crypto works – with a serious advantage when it comes to picking the right crypto. Visit our website for more information and to register for one of our programs now.

 bitcoin, etherium and ripple cryptocurrency coins

4. Finance 101 For Kids by Walter Andal

Finance 101 is one of those “jumpstart” books, written with the purpose of giving its audience an understanding of a subject starting from ground-zero. From learning about the origins of money to the stock market and key lessons about debt, this book – recommended for children aged 8 through 12 – is designed to help parents provide their children with a basic understanding of finance that will help kickstart their financial literacy in a way that will begin to lay the foundation for their adult years. 

 various financial tools and coins and a calculator

We hope you take these book recommendations and make use of them. Although our traditional gift-giving holiday, Christmas, is not for another 8 months, we hope this is the year you jump the gun a little and give your child the gift of financial literacy. 

Happy reading, and happy World Book Day!

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