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5 New Years Resolutions That Actually Make A Difference

5 New Years Resolutions That Actually Make A Difference

The start of a new year is always such a wonderful time. 

2022 is right around the corner and the turn of the calendar to January will, like it always does, give us a chance to start fresh. 

A chance to pick up a new skill, learn something new, work out more etc.

It’s also a time where every single one of us does a little lying to ourselves that this is the year (even though last year was supposed to be the year, and/or probably the year before that too) we will finally make some unrealistic lifestyle change that we likely are not ready to make yet. 

What was yours coming into 2021? 

Eating healthier? Going to the gym 6 times a week? Running a marathon?

Let’s make sure you don’t make that same mistake this year, for you or for your child. Let us take you by the hand and guide you through our list of five new year's resolutions that you can actually accomplish and, more importantly, will actually make a difference. 

1. Take Control of Your Finances

Financial literacy is a daunting but necessary skill. Learning financial literacy can be much of the same. Thankfully, Explorer Hop has countless programs designed, proven and praised for helping children of all ages kick-start their journey to financial literacy - including teaching them how to invest and become young entrepreneurs. Some of the programs we offer include…

       A. Learn to Invest

       B. Personal Finance

Check out these online learning programs and more at our website.

2. Start Trading

Watching your money grow is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? You work hard for your money and you want to see it work hard for you back. 

Let us help you teach your kids the same principles that you were either fortunate enough to learn at their age or you wish you learned at their age through our Learn to Trade modules/courses.

3. Start A Business

Every day, more and more people are starting their own businesses. Self-employment and entrepreneurship are growing very quickly.

If your child has ever talked to you at the dinner table about starting a lemonade stand or doing a garage sale, chances are that they will grow up with the same spirit that a lot of people are developing now.

Take advantage of that burgeoning curiosity and sign your child up for our entrepreneurship holiday programs this season and make their new year's resolution the desire to start a business in 2022!

4. Keep Working on A Skill You Want to Master

Have you already started teaching your child about STEM? Are you looking for a way to help them continue (or start) developing those skills/that knowledge but you’re often too busy to do it all yourself?

Make your new year's resolution one that helps you and your child by signing them up for our Digital Art and STEM online camps and programs. These programs are designed to help children in grades 4-12 develop skills in the areas of STEM and Arts that will be of great benefit to them in the future.

5. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Develop a New Skill

What’s a skill you’ve always wanted to start developing? 

One example of a skill many people – parents and kids alike – haven’t begun to master is investing. One reason for this could be that investing involves risking money to hopefully see your money grow. Thankfully, we have a way that your teen can lay the early foundation for their investing knowledge – our Global Investment Challenge 3, which does more than simply teach kids about investing.

This challenge – running soon, from January 3rd to February 11th – pits global competitors aged 11 to 17 with all different levels of investing knowledge against each other to take a $30,000 virtual portfolio and attempt to raise its value as high as possible through investment in stocks, mutual funds and fixed income.

The participant with the highest-value portfolio on February 11th will be declared the winner, but all participants will receive a certificate of completion for them to display their efforts proudly once the competition comes to an end.

It’s a great way to get your teen to teach kids about investing through practice rather than a textbook while also having fun in a safe, risk-free environment designed to simulate the real world.

Interested in learning more or signing up for this winter’s challenge? Do that here.

So… what’s it going to be? 

Are you going to let yourself fall back into the trap you’ve set for yourself and pretend that you’re going to finally eat healthier this year or are you going to help your child pick a new year’s resolution that you can actually do/will actually make a difference in your life? 

It’s up to you, but Explorer Hop is here for you and your family if you make the right choice in 2022. 

Happy New Year!

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