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Top 4 Tips For Hosting A Virtual New Years Party

Top 4 Tips For Hosting A Virtual New Years Party

“Holidays”. That’s it… just… “holidays”.

We would normally say “Happy Holidays!!!!”, but with the pandemic likely putting a small dent in what we all expected to do and the fun we all expected we would be able to have this holiday season, we’re not nearly as excited about the holidays this year as we usually are. 

But that’s okay. Being in a pandemic doesn’t mean that we need to completely sacrifice the holidays this year, we just might have to enjoy ourselves virtually

Is that ideal? No.

Would we all like to be gathering around at grandma or another relative’s house on New Year’s Eve and watch the clock strike midnight while we celebrate together? Yes. 

But don't be a GRINCH this holiday season and read on for our top five tips for hosting a virtual New Years party in 2021!

1. Set A Time for the Zoom/Skype Party

If your families are anything like some of ours, they probably tend to be a little (or a lot) behind schedule sometimes. That’s why it’s important to set a time, as the host, for your virtual New Years party to make sure that all your loved ones are there to enjoy the packed night of fun, activities and good vibes you have planned for December 31st. 

Pro Tip: If you’ve got any specific invitees that are even worse at being on-time than others (I’m looking at you, grandma), make sure you give them an even earlier time to arrive/be online for the party so that you’re sure they’ll be there when everyone else is.

2. Test Your Internet Connection Beforehand

There would be nothing worse than someone’s internet connection going down 90 seconds before midnight or lagging at 11:59 pm, so while everyone else is celebrating the New Year, you or one of your guests is trying to reconnect their internet modem. Make sure you get all of your invitees to check their internet connections well before the party starts so you can avoid this problem, and ensure that everyone has a backup plan (a phone with data etc.) in case something goes wrong.  

3. Find Something Fun For Everyone to Do Together

You’re not organizing a virtual New Years party to just hop online from 11:57 pm to 12:02 pm with your loved ones and then go to bed. You’re going to be online for hours reminiscing about 2021 and looking forward to 2022, so make sure you have something fun planned for everyone to do.    

One idea could be playing the board games that all the kids in the group created in Explorer Hop's Board Game Ninjas program altogether over Zoom. 

Board Game Ninjas is a program we offer here at Explorer Hop that allows your kids to work in teams and apply their skills in math, logic, and art to create their very own board game. Over the course of the next 8 weeks, they will build their board game or card game - from conception, strategy and logic development, to design and finally to sale.  Yes, we even throw in a bit of entrepreneurship at the end by encouraging kids to sell digital copies of their games to raise funds for a cause.

Learn more about one of our past Board Game Ninjas sessions here and find out how to sign your child up for this course and others on our website.

4. Decorate Your Space & Dress Up to Really Get In The Spirit

We get it, New Years might not be exactly what we want it to be this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t really get into the holiday spirit and make it feel like your usual New Year's festivities. Two ways you can do this: get dressed up and decorate. Get everyone on the call to decorate the background of their Zoom space with streamers, lights and something that says “2022” on it while also dressing up nicely for the virtual party to really get in the spirit of the holidays and really make the most out of the online situation.

We hope that you put our top four tips for hosting an awesome virtual New Years party to good use and you make the most out of this holiday season in the process! 

Even if it needs to be done virtually for 2021, make sure you spend time with your loved ones, enjoy yourself and get ready to absolutely kill it in 2022! 

Happy Holidays!

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