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5 Ways to Create Change Makers

5 Ways to Create Change Makers

At Explorer Hop, our mission is to make Change Makers.  This involves instilling in a child a sense of financial wisdom, enhancing their imagination and teaching them the need create change. 

What does create change mean?

It means having the imagination to think of a better world, the ability to take calculated risks to accomplish it and the means to get the funds to enable change to happen.

People are often surprised when I talk about money as something needed for change. Surely, good will is worth far more they argue.  Good will without money is useless.  If you want your child to be a force in the future empower them with all the three things they need and let them fly.  

In our programs, kids work with a number of charities to raise funds for them and create their own business.  Not only do they learn how to help those in need, they also learn an important lesson about how to effectively raise capital.

How do you create a Change Maker?  

#1 Imagination:  They are truly limited only by their imagination on what their business could be.  If you think 15 years ago, who would have thought that FB and IG would allow over half of the earth's population to communicate real time. Back then, most mails came delivered by hand, and you went to the mall to buy things.  

#2 A desire to succeed:  Like I always tell those in our programs, even if you earn a dollar - that's still more than you had yesterday.  Setting up your own business is hard work and they get an understanding of how much work it really is.  

#3 Understand that doing good requires you to have the means to do it:  When every participant starts our program, they have capital equal to zero.  Bring broke has a distinct advange that it makes you realize how important money is to do things,and forces you to be imaginative on how you can get it. 

#4 Raising the world while increasing your bank balance is possible.  One of the most fundamental lessons that has been lost in our age is that you do not need to trash the world and your community to earn money.  It is entirely possible for you to both earn well and help uplift those who need help. 

#5 A sense of accomplishment: Every child is happy when they make money.  However, it I have noticed that they are happier to give the money they have raised to the charity of their choice.  There is something about knowing that you have made a change that is far more fulfilling than any amount of money you earn. 


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