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Best Ways To Entertain On A Budget

Entertaining other people in your home can be an expensive endeavour, obviously. Depending on the type of entertaining you’re doing and the occasion – whether that is the Super Bowl, Christmas or another event – it’s not impossible for you to be spending hundreds of dollars on a single night of fun. 

We want to give you some ideas, conversely, for how to entertain on a budget. Saving money is already hard enough as it is, so we at Explorer Hop want to provide you with some strategies for ways you can still throw a fun and exciting party or gathering while not making your wallet hate you for it

Here are three of those ideas.

1. Potluck For Food

A potluck is a type of food strategy that distributes the responsibility for food amongst all the guests at an event. In other words, every guest or group of guests (pair, family of four etc.) is responsible for bringing a different item to the party/function. Using this style will make feeding the party guests a whole lot more affordable because you, as the host, will not be solely responsible for making or buying all the groceries and eats for the event. Have one guest and their significant other bring dips for chips and vegetables. Have your aunt bring her famous family lasagna. The list goes on but the point here is this: a potluck-style lunch or dinner for a function is an extremely affordable way to handle food for a night of entertaining.  

food spread

2. Simple White/Black Decorations

Generic decorations, which usually come in white or black, are a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your home or another space for a function, be it a Super Bowl or birthday party. These decorations could be anything from napkins and tablecloths to streamers and window dressing, depending on the type of function. Black and white decorations are cheap and fit almost any theme or “vibe” for an event, making these types of decorations a good way to still make your function exciting but doing so in an affordable manner.


3. Homemade Games

Yes, you could entertain everyone at your function by renting a movie or taking the group out for an escape room after dinner. Conversely, however, you could also opt for homemade games to save some money on after-dinner entertainment for your guests. Charades, a homemade version of Taboo (a game where you split people up in teams and have one person from each team try to get their teammates to guess a keyword by using any word clues except the specific 5 or so words indicated as buzz words) etc. Any games you can think of that don’t require extra money spent, particularly competitive ones that split your large group of guests into teams, are a great way to entertain on a budget.

board game

That’s all for this blog. We hope we’ve given you some good ideas in this blog on how you can entertain without breaking the bank. 

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