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3 Key Online Resources For Stock Traders

Learning how to understand stocks and trade them to make money is complicated. There are so many intricacies to stock trading that the average person cannot understand without help and experience actually engaging in trading. 

Even then, however, no matter if you are experienced or new to this arena, it is always beneficial to stay on top of the latest resources and information surrounding stock trading so that you are able to maximize your money and turn the best possible profit when you are ready to stock trade.

To that end, in this blog, we want to help you with understanding stock trading by outlining three of our favourite online resources for stock traders.

Here we go. 

1. MarketWatch

MarketWatch is a platform that provides the latest and most up-to-date financial, stock market and business news available. With financial information and data from national markets in North America all the way to international markets in Asia, MarketWatch is an incredible information tool for stock trading rookies and experts alike. Beyond its positive reputation as an information database for people in the field of finance and business, MarketWatch also provides one of the internet’s most well-regarded virtual stock exchange programs, giving its users a way to practice trading stocks in real-time and talk to other users about strategy that they can then take to the real world once ready to do so.

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2. TradingView is a website that acts as a research tool for long-engaged and new stock traders by providing real-time prices on stocks, ETFs and foreign exchange pairs. Additionally, this site provides comparison tools and a stock screener, a tool that allows the user to filter a stock list to find a desired stock based on self-inputted criteria. Finally, this platform includes a chat functionality whereby users can talk to other users in a discussion board format, enabling people to get tips from one another and discuss possible moves, regrets and provide warnings for stock trades.    

stock chart on laptop

3. StockTwits

Twitter for stock traders. A lot of the most influential stock traders and day traders and investors are already on regular Twitter, but StockTwits is a dedicated platform for stock trading debate, advice and idea-sharing between investors, traders etc. Just as you would on regular Twitter, StockTwits enables users to follow day traders and other experts and people using the platform, making it a great resource for conversation amongst and between people passionate about trading and those just getting their feet wet in the space and looking to become a seasoned investor in stocks.  


Whether you are an experienced player in this field or a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed newcomer to the world of stock trading, we hope that the online resources we’ve identified in this blog give you some ideas for tools you can use to get a head-start or an even bigger leg up on other people engaged in this space. 

To take the knowledge and tips we have provided in this blog one step further, we would like to also extend an olive branch to your children, the next generation of mindful and successful stock traders, investors and financial literacy experts

We encourage you to sign your child up for Explorer Hop’s nationally-acclaimed and internationally-renowned learn to trade program, where we take kids in grades 7-12 on a journey to understanding everything they need to know about money. From the stock market and mutual funds to global finance and portfolios, we’ve got your child covered from every possible angle!

We hope you and your child use our tips to have great success as investors in the present and the future. 

Sign up now and happy learning!  

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