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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Our Partnership With DECA

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Our Partnership With DECA



Image of Explorer Hop Students

The Business and Finance world is constantly evolving and we want to empower kids to take on this world, right from the get-go! Our passion is to teach Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship to kids and to give them the necessary tools and platform to become future leaders. Hence, to accomplish this goal and reach a wider community we have partnered with DECA this year

DECA is an educational center that has 75 years of history and continues to impact the lives of tens of millions of students, educators, and schools to this day. DECA’s programs and activities have constantly evolved with the use of the latest technology and c educational research. Just like Explorer Hop, DECA’s goals consist of preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to be college and c.

Through our partnership with DECA, we aim to: 

  • Share our resources and courses with DECA’s community
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  • Empower children looking to pursue their dream of Entrepreneurship
Image of a kid achiever
  • Provide a platform to learn skills & knowledge to get ready for the real-world
Image of two hands holding the globe
  • Introduce them to basic money management and financial literacy
Image of a money plant with the words financial literacy
  • Prepare children to become successful entrepreneurs, leaders and collaborators
image of kids of explorer hop
  • Connect children from diverse backgrounds and work together towards a common goal
Image of kids hugging Mother Earth

Throughout this partnership we will be expanding our community and combining our teams with DECA will not only increase our exposure, but will also enable students to connect with children from all over the world and create an empowered community!

To learn more about our courses, our community and possible promotions, keep watching out for this space! Sign up for the DECA weekly and take advantage of all our award-winning courses!

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