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Is Financial Literacy For Your Kids?

Is Financial Literacy For Your Kids?

Our founder Hasina Lookman raises an important question, “How can anyone be successful if they can’t manage money? The education system teaches them to read and write from age six, but at what point are we teaching them about money?” 

And that’s how Explorer Hop was born.

We believe Financial Literacy should be taught from the early years and hence offer various courses and tools that kids need to become future leaders! We believe that kids should learn the basics of money, money management, investment, savings, and more. This knowledge will make them confident and ready to take control of their future. 

So what will Financial Literacy teach your kids?

  • Value of Money: Learning the basics of money will help kids understand its value and reevaluate their demands. Knowing and understanding the cost of items, as simple as a video game, will help them understand what is and what isn’t expensive in the markets. 
Image of a piggy bank with coins
  • Appreciation: They will understand and appreciate any gifts they receive or any things they want, as they know how much effort is spent in saving and budgeting money. 
Image of a parent and child with money
  • Debt and Risks: When exposed to financial literacy at an early age, kids also learn about credit cards, debts, investments and what risks or opportunities a stock market presents. 
Image of people signing papers
  • Budgeting and Saving: When given allowances or pocket money, kids can now have a better understanding of how much to save and budget their spending. 
Image of savings tracker
  • Philanthropy: Through our courses, we also introduce kids to charity and philanthropy. We encourage discussions about causes and interests that they would like to support. We encourage giving back to the community and learning about making a difference in the world. 
Image of a man holding a chart with the word: Kindness

Isn’t that incredible? Kids can learn about the basics of money and take on their future right from the get-go! 

Currently, we have our Winter E-Programs, which offer the same amazing learning that takes place in our regular programs and camps - just in a digital form. Over the last few months, our students have launched over 40+ businesses and raised thousands of dollars. 

Remember, every kid must start somewhere and the best way to teach them these life skills, is through fun games and activities, and the perfect place for that - Explorer Hop!

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