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Learn Math through Fun Games

Learn Math through Fun Games

Everyone says learning through fun games and activities helps kids learn effectively. We do see a difference in the way kids learn as they are engaged and eager to participate when we take them on a fun learning journey! Hence making math fun and easy is our ultimate goal.

Explorer Math is an innovative global math course for children between the grades 6 to 12. Our course is fully online and can be learnt at one’s own pace.

Here’s why we think learning through games is important;

⭐ They help kids to learn math by talking about it - discussing different games, terms and strategies

⭐ They are a great tool for different kinds of learners, providing visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading/writing activities

⭐ They encourage kids to explore concepts like number combinations, patterns and more

⭐ They help kids think and find various ways and strategies to solve problems

⭐ They are an excellent way to engage kids and to encourage more participation

⭐ They help reinforcing logical reasoning and geometric intuition

⭐ They also help in simulating real-life situations like money exchange and shopping

Here’s a glimpse at some of the games from our course,

Image of a  type of Math Game
These type of number games helps kids learn visually and also assess the problem mentally!
Image of a type of math game
This type of game helps kids solve problems using visual and deduction skills!
Image of a type of math game
A classic fill-in-the-blanks kind of question but with visual aids helps make boring problems fun!
Image of a fun math game
A classic word problem but with a visual and game-like twist!

Thus, learning Math through games is a proven way to get kids excited about it. Having games and quizzes as a part of the course is a great experience not just for kids but for parents as well! 

Don't forget to check out our Explorer Math Course:


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