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Top 5 Christmas Gifts That Avoid the Supply Chain Issue

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Ho! Ho! Ho! All that Christmas cheer around and you are probably thinking about how Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times of the year!!

Every holiday season, we spend hours upon hours and days upon days scouring the internet and the local mall looking to buy gifts and presents for our families, friends and other loved ones. 

Oh yeah… and that’s not even the worst part. 


Christmas is like the world’s most expensive holiday. It got so bad one year, I think I actually heard my wallet cry when I came home from the mall and finally put it down after buying gifts for my sister, parents and a few cousins. The worst part was, that wasn’t even the end of my shopping for the year, but that’s a story for a different time.   

Factor in COVID-19 and the crazy supply chain issues, and Christmas becomes even more difficult. Beyond the time and money, these issues – along with the never-ending saga of microchip/computer part shortages – have driven almost everything we want to buy online to be SOLD OUT!! So, what do we need to do to get those gifts delivered by Dec 24th? 

This Christmas, ingenuity is a necessity and rather than the same old stuff, give your kids and loved ones gifts that they will use and remember. 

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What better way to start the year than learning how to invest. Kids today are savvier than ever before, and it’s quite normal for them to have a rudimentary understanding of the stock market, taxes and even bitcoin. For a super cool experience, check out Explorer Hop’s Learn to Invest program, where children in grades 7-11 can learn investing through our five-level system. After all, not one parent on planet earth can say they want their child to stop learning, and investing is a top life skill today more than ever before. 

Even if investing isn’t something your child is ready for yet, let me ask you a question. Has your kid ever talked to you about selling lemonade or doing a garage sale? 

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If so, now might be the best time to kick-start the entrepreneur in your kid. Who knows… the next Jeff Bezos might be the child sitting across from you and having breakfast. Explorer Hop is known globally for making kids into their own bosses, already having helped more than 40 kids jump-start their own businesses through our Entrepreneurship program. Children in grades 1-12 can join our holiday season program here.

Teaching our kids the benefits of making a difference is an important part of their development. Part of that difference-making could involve allowing your child to donate to a charity of their choosing, which you can do through Explorer Hop here. As an added bonus to your donation, you can receive a $20 gift card to put towards any of the programs listed in this blog or elsewhere on our website

We hate to continue by putting a damper on the holiday season but we also want to put things in perspective. Let’s be honest here. You’re eventually going to struggle as a parent, if you aren’t already, with teaching your child that some things are more important to buy than others. 

What if I told you there was a way you could let someone else do some of the hard work for you and help jump-start this process for your child?

Explorer Hop has been internationally-recognized – by CTV and the BBC, among others – and praised for our personal finance programs, which can help you accomplish just that by teaching children in grades 1-12 the basics and history of money and how to create a savings plan, among many other topics. Check out our personal finance programming here.

Finally, learning about digital media can be all kinds of fun for your child, while also being a valuable educational tool – as they learn to create their own website, learn video editing and animation. Explorer Hop has Digital Art and STEM programs that will teach your child all of these skills, and give them a head start in acquiring these important abilities and competencies that can undoubtedly be of great benefit to them in the future. 

If any of these programs or initiatives sound like something fit for your child, please take a look at all of our programs on our website.  

Check out our upcoming Global Investment Challenge and win a $500 Amazon Gift card!

Happy Holidays! ✨

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