Kids Learn about Money, Spring Garden Church, Sunday 2.00 - 3.30 pm

 Week 1 (September 16, 2018)

It's a great bunch of kids.  Many of the kids have been in Summer Camp with us so it's definitely good to have they back.  All the kids work very well together and the animated discussions were certainly testament to that.  

We started the lesson by understanding how much disposable income an adult has.  They were shocked to learn that their parents pay 50% in taxes and even more surprised to see how little money is left once Canada Revenue takes it's share. 

This was followed by a discussion on how to save. They learnt about the Money Tree and to ask themselves 3 questions before they buy something: 

  • Do I need it?
  • Will I use it?
  • Will I enjoy it?

They also learnt how to start saving early and stop wasting.   We then learnt about the banking system and how there are mainly 4 different types of banks in Canada and what is good/ bad in all of them. This was followed with an understanding of the different accounts available to them (Savings, Checking and Youth).  

All kids are getting information from the bank which has NOT been simplified for kids.  The purpose is for them to get familiar with regular bank material and learn what kind of information they should look out for. 

Homework (due Friday, September 21)

1) All kids need have a bank account.  To facilitate this, we have organized for them to get $25 free when they open a Youth Account with Meridian Credit Union and in the next class they will learn how to operate the account. They will also get a Debit Card and we will also teach them how to use that safely. This is important because we will be using this account to teach them how to withdraw and deposit safely.

If your child has siblings, you can also get $25 off an account for them. 

To open the account, please go to the following bank:


26 St Clair Ave E ( Yonge & St Clair)

Hours: Monday to Wednesday: 9.30-5.00pm

Thursday and Friday: 9.30 - 6.00pm

Saturday: 9.30am - 3pm

Speak to: Kerelle (Branch Manager) or Jade.  Please tell them your children are enrolled in Explorer Hop program. Kids are encouraged to take the initiative and speak directly to the Bank Manager.  The Branch has an amazing Kids Outreach Mandate and I would recommend you take the time and go there. 

You can only get $25 free if you go to this branch. 

You will need to take the following documentation with you to open the account:

  • Govt issued ID for you and your child (drivers liscence, passport, birth certificate)
  • SIN Card / SIN Number
  • Proof of Address if not on driver licence 

2) Kids need to complete this online form to identify their saving goals

3) Kids need to do an analysis of the different types of banks and complete the form here.  


4) Only for kids who have previously been to Explorerhop Summer Camp: Kids should bring 2-3 stocks they are interested in following.  For kids who have not been exposed to stocks, do not worry, we will be covering this next week.

5) Review the sheet on different account types and ask questions on anything they don't understand.  We would like them to be completely at ease with the material in that sheet as these are the basics of most accounts they will open. 

Discussions at home:

Spend some time discussing with the family to see how they can help the family save money every month from their budget.  The goal really is to get parents and kids talking about money matters that impact them. 

See you next week!


Getting Ready for Our Class 

Dear Parents

Thank you for entrusting us with teaching your child about money.  We are excited to meet them and work with them over the next few weeks.  

Here is some information to make your first day easier. 

  • Classes are held at Spring Garden Baptist Church, 112 Spring Garden Ave, North York, ON M2N 3G3 (Corner of Spring Garden & Kenneth)
  • Our classes are held in the Boardroom on the upper level. 
  • Parking is available behind the church if you enter on Kenneth Street.  
  • Classes start at 2.00pm and doors open at 1.50pm.  All kids should be picked up at 3.30pm. 
  • NO PHONES OR DEVICES allowed in class.  We find this distracts from the learning.  
  • Children should bring a non-messy snack and a water bottle. 
  • Kids will get a little homework to do every week (find stocks, compare interest rates etc).  This should be done and submitted online by Thursday.  All responses will be shown on our web site.  
  • Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or phone/text me at 416-833-1782.  If this is during class, I will return your call after class has ended.
  • Waivers needed! We will need some waivers signed on Sunday to allow us to post images of your child on our blog etc.  Please sign those when you drop off your child. Click here for the document. 
  • Please bookmark this page as you will get updates every week on what we studied, portfolio winners and what homework they need to do. 

See you on Sunday!