Animation (August 2nd-6th)

Day 5 

WOW!! It was so amazing to see our final animations today!  You all did some amazing work!  Today we reviewed our week and what we had learned, learned about the creation of stop motion puppets, and the most exciting part - we watched our final animations that we had created throughout the week!  It was so amazing to see the hard work that was put into these animations and to see all that you'd learned come to life!

Thanks everyone for a great week.  I hope you learned something new and are inspired to make more stop motion animations!  Have a great summer!



Day 4

Amazing work today!  Today we discussed our final animation projects, any successes and challenges we were having with our animations, and worked together on our animations during class.  We also learned about claymation, and techniques for making items "float" in stop motion animations. 

For tomorrow, keep working on your stop motion animation final project(s).  Bring with you any of the materials you are using to work on your stop motion animations.  At the start of class, we will have a bit of time to finish up our animations, and then we will talk about our process and share our final projects as well as the other projects we've worked on this week!

Can't wait to see your amazing animations!



Day 3

Today was so much fun!  Today we talked about the fundamentals of telling a good story, how animation is uniquely suited to tell good stories, and the necessary elements needed for something to be considered a story.  We also learned about stop motion animation using objects, and some techniques for making stop motion animation with physical objects.

For tomorrow, keep working on your stop motion animation final project(s), and download your progress as an MP4 video so we can share our progress with each other in class.  Bring with you any of the materials you were using to work on your stop motion animation today so that we can keep working on it in class tomorrow. 

See you tomorrow!



Day 2

What a great day today!  Today we talked about different types of stop motion animation like puppets, hand drawn, and vector stop motion.  We also talked about stop motion animation in movies, learned about the fundamentals of hand drawn frame by frame animation, and tried out hand drawn animation for ourselves!

For tomorrow, finish up or continue working on your hand drawn animation from today in Canva and download it as an MP4 video or GIF for us to show each other at the start of tomorrow's class. For tomorrow, bring any of the following materials:

  • Pencil and paper like today
  • Camera or device you can use to take a photo with like today
  • Any objects you think you might want to use for a stop motion animation (stuffed toys, other toys, figurines etc.).

See you tomorrow!



Day 1 

What a fun first day!  It was so great to meet everyone and learn about animation together!  Today we talked about what animation is, discussed different types of animation, learned about the basics of stop motion animation, and set up Canva accounts and practiced basic stop motion animation techniques within Canva!

For tomorrow, finish a 1-3 second stop motion animation in Canva and download it as an MP4 video for us to show each other at the start of class.  Tomorrow we will also need to bring the following materials:

  • Pencil or anything to draw with
  • Paper (several sheets, 10 or more if you have that much) OR a blank notebook
  • Scissors (to cut your paper into smaller squares if you don't want to use so many sheets)
  • A camera or device you can use to take a photo with (laptop camera is fine)

Gillian will be back tomorrow and will spend the rest of the week with you.  Have an awesome week!



Welcome to Animation!

Hi everyone!  My name is Gillian and I am a recent graduate of OCAD University in the Bachelor's of Design with a major in Illustration program, and I will be your child's instructor for this class!  I am so excited to work with your children on learning the fundamentals of stop motion animation, and to inspire them to create amazing animations!

This week we are going to learn about the fundamentals of stop motion and frame by frame animation.  We're going to learn what it is, how it's done in movies, techniques that are used in movies to create animations, and how we can make our own stop motion/frame by frame animations.  

The class will take place on Zoom from August 2nd-6th @11am-12pm EST (Toronto time)

Please ensure you have a Zoom account and are able to connect.

Zoom link:

Here's a helpful video guide to e-learning: 

Can't wait to meet you all!  Please remember to check back to our program blog after each class for updates. 


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