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2017 Summer Camp: Day 5: Europe, Gift Giving and the World Investment Challenge

2017 Summer Camp: Day 5: Europe, Gift Giving and the World Investment Challenge

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What a week it has been!  The kids have had an amazing week.  It's hard to imagine how much we accomplished in a week.  

Our Super Results! 

Prior to the camp:  The campers had limited ideas about saving, never budgeted and had no clue about investing and world events that impact their portfolio. 

After the camp:  They have some really good understanding about saving, budgeting and waste cutting. They have been following their investment portfolio for a week now and can easily read the financial newspaper and follow it.  It's been an amazing transformation! 

Our Reviews: 

"I loved this camp. I had the most fun and got a lot of information about money and how to manage it; how not to waste it, nor to get it stolen. This is some killer information that you wouldn't find at any other camp. This camp is unique, it teaches you about you future life instead if you normal, stereotypical camp that focuses on sports such as conoeing, archery and much more. (We still do sports though)"


"I am 10 years old I loved it and if I had another time to come here I would take that chance we learned about different countries and continents mostly about investing I loved this camp and if you have a child that wants to learn about money I would totally suggest this camp"


Investment Challenge:

On Day 1, campers learnt about the Stock Market and made their own portfolios with 3 stocks.  Every day they would follow it and understand why they went up and down.  Today, was the end of the challenge.  Overall, they were pretty pleased that they had made money.

James, the winner of our challenge increased his portfolio almost $500 in a week!  Not bad for an 8 year old investor!!

Check out our investment challenge: 



We learnt a lot about Renaissance Italy and the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.  This was followed by campers measuring their proportions against those of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

Check out their results here.  

After this, we learnt all about London and the Big Ben.  Campers were surprised to learn that Big Ben was actually the name of the bell inside the tower and not the clock.  




Today, we focussed on a topic that kids spend a lot of time thinking about - Gift Giving.  The campers learnt about "dead weight loss", how to gift, what amount to gift and the problems with giving people things they don't want or spending more than you have on a present.   

We then completed the mission on Gift Giving where the campers got to pick their ultimate gifts.  It was a lot of fun! 



Our Sports Director, Mr. Amr made them have the best time.  They played a lot of team games and it was wonderful to watch how cohesive a team they have become.  



The campers wanted to see Tap Dancing and learn "something like Irish dancing". Our brilliant dance instructor Kayla was just superb.  The boys were totally fascinated at how fast her feet moved when she tap danced.  

Check out our video here:


World Investment Challenge: 

We ended the week with the much anticipated World Investment Challenge.  All teams did brilliantly and the competition was stiff.  The winning team was awarded certificates marking their achievement. 

Award Ceremony: 

All campers got certificates.  Certificates were also awarded to the winning team for the World Investment Challenge and the 2017 Stock Market Investment Challenge. 


 See you again next year! 


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