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How to Make Christmas Gifts More Valuable/Sustainable

Let’s be honest, the perception of being cheap is never a good one. You never want people to think you’re too stingy with your money

Now, even with that said, let’s have a chat. Just between us. Act like no one else is in the room. 

Are you alone now? Good. 

Just how awesome would it be if you could give someone a gift for the holidays one year and then never have to give them a gift ever again?

You give someone a gift that is SO GOOD, they continue to love it every year and they don’t expect something different 12 months later.

They’re happy, you’re happy, and most importantly… your wallet is smiling from one end to the other. 

Oh, how awesome life would be if that was realistic. But, of course, it's never that easy. No one in your life, especially your child or teenager, would be satisfied with receiving one gift and never receiving another one. 

What we’ve done here at Explorer Hop though is create what we believe will be the closest thing to that oh so beautiful and idealistic dream… a gift that keeps on building. A gift that provides the person receiving it with sustained long-term value: Explorer Hop’s Camp Millionaire and Young Entrepreneurs programs

There will always be a hot new game for your child or teen to buy. There will always be a new fashion accessory that your child/teen has their eye on at the mall. At Explorer Hop though, we have crafted several programs that will give your child an experience now, which they will carry with them long after they finish their time with us. 

Camp Millionaire is an umbrella name for our group of programs that cover teaching kids fundamentals and advanced concepts in the areas of investing, entrepreneurship, personal finance and digital art/STEM. Some programs are for children in grades 1 through 12 while others are for grades 4 and up or grades 7 and up so please check our website for more detailed information and to sign up for any of our courses. 

Our Young Entrepreneurs program teaches kids all about entrepreneurship, from marketing and sales to building their own e-business. We take them through content and practice involving how to create a company logo, product pages, understanding the sales funnel and so much more… all with the goal of helping children learn how to be entrepreneurial and empower them to create and run their own “kid businesses”.

How great does that sound? 

You give your young child or growing teen the experience of a lifetime going through a learning endeavour centred around crucially valuable life skills and it doesn't last just a few hours like their usual infatuation with that new video game, toy or dress that you just spent a bunch of money on. Instead, you give them something this holiday season that will last them a lifetime. 

Now, we can’t promise you that they won’t still ask for that shiny new thing at the mall but we truly believe that the gift of learning through Explorer Hop’s programs is something they will appreciate for many years to come – way after that video game loses its appeal or that shiny new toy goes dull. 

Check out how we inspired one of our students to start a candle business!

Happy Holidays! ✨


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