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The Best Gift For Mom This Holiday Season

You know what we’ve always wondered about Christmas and the holiday season? Why is Christmas never about the adults? 

Christmas and, specifically, receiving gifts on Christmas has always been something focused on the kids. It’s always the kids that get to have fun opening the big presents on Christmas morning, whether they are games, toys, books, learning materials, clothes or something else.  

This year, let’s change that. Help your kids get you something great for Christmas. 

And… no. I’m not talking about those gifts that you have to tell your kid are “great” like the macaroni necklace they made for you or that drawing you put up on the fridge. I’m talking about real, honestly GREAT gifts

Ones that do what we all want to do…teach us how to make our money work for us. Gifts that give us the tools, knowledge and expertise to help us learn how to make the most out of our money. 

Before you get to thinking that it's too late to learn financial literacy, let me tell you that it's never too late. Learning financial literacy is not like some other things that you stop being physically able to do as you grow older. 

Does your back flare up and make it hard for you to learn how to do a cartwheel? You can still learn financial literacy. Does your heartburn act up to the point where you can’t run enough to prepare for a marathon? You can still learn financial literacy. 

That’s where Explorer Hop comes in with our “Learn to Trade” program

Learn to Trade is our comprehensive course that takes the lessons from level one to three of Camp Millionaire – another program of ours – and gamifies it. Use games and interactive learning methods to guide yourself through understanding investing, the stock market, trading and more with a single program that combines levels one through three of Camp Millionaire for an all-inclusive learning experience on the crucial subject of trading. 

As much as you can never admit to your kids or other adults around you, that macaroni necklace is a bad present. Come on… think about it. It’s dry macaroni on a string hanging from your neck. Come to think of it, your child probably didn’t even measure your neck and it likely comes closer to fitting your wrist than where it should actually fit. You’re better off cutting the string and feeding your family with the macaroni for dinner on Christmas night.

Forget the macaroni necklace or the piece of “art” your child made at school. Does the Learn to Trade program sound like something you would want to get your kids to give you for Christmas? 

Check out our student Veronika's success with investing and trading

Find out more about this and our other programs on our website.

Also, check out our Global Investment Challenge through which kids can invest in real stocks virtually!

Happy Holidays! ✨

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