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How Teachers Can Make Math More Fun For Kids

How Teachers Can Make Math More Fun For Kids

Even as adults, we sometimes struggle to stay engaged or have fun at work or when we are doing rudimentary tasks. We’re sure you can think of an instance in the pretty recent past where you struggled to stay engaged and focused while you were doing your job.

Now, think back to when you were a kid and reminisce on one time, although we’re sure there were plenty, when you just couldn’t care less about the schoolwork you were doing. Do you remember what subject it was?

Science, maybe? Math?

We weren’t around you when you were growing up but we are confident that we all had a similar struggle and it’s likely that your students experience the same problem now. 

Well, look no further than this blog for a solution. We’ve thought long and hard about this and come up with some ways to curb this issue for your kids, at least when it comes to math.

Read on for Explorer Hop’s three strategies for making math more fun for kids.

1. Make Math Personable For Them

Warning: This is going to sound super conceited and self-absorbed 

A lot of us like to talk and hear about ourselves all the time, right? If we’re the center of attention, we’re more likely to be engaged in whatever is going on.

Take that principle and apply it to your math lessons going forward to make the lesson more engaging for your students. Instead of using the generic names out of a textbook in a math problem about apples and oranges, use the names of two students in your class. 

In other words, unless you have a Bob and Steve in your classroom, substitute those names for two real names of students to personalize the problem more and make it more fun to solve.

2. Use Physical/Tangible Objects To Bring Math Lessons To Life

Take tip number one a step further by using physical objects to further excite and interest your class. 

Many kids are kinesthetic – or, hands-on – learners. Take advantage of this by replacing the apples and oranges in the earlier hypothetical with coloured balls or pens or markers – really anything that will help your kids learn through physical touch. 

This will help your students engage in the problem more because the problem will feel more real if you go through it using physical items rather than simply explaining it through words, and it will allow the students to have more fun doing the math accordingly. 

coloured balls

3. Use Kahoot to Gamify Math Lessons

What do kids love way more than talking about themselves and engaging with physical objects through kinesthetic learning? 

Games. Especially online games. 

Capitalize on this desire to make math more fun for your students using a platform like Kahoot to gamify the lessons you are teaching. Abolish the traditional paper and pencil quizzes that you may end the day with in your classroom in favour of Kahoot quizzes that display running scores and a leaderboard to ensure that your students are experiencing math in a way that is beyond the boring and typical ways of teaching the subject.

That’s all for now, folks. We hope that you are able to implement our three tips for making math more fun in your classroom soon, because we truly believe in the concepts presented above. 

Want to give your students more ways to engage with and learn math outside of your classroom? Talk to them about the Innovative Explorer Math programs we have here for children in grades 6 through 12, covering several different curriculums – including Ontario, Britain and the USA.

Looking for more resources for yourself as an educator after reading this blog? Check out Explorer Hop’s Global Educators Circle, where we connect educators from all over the world to help each other grow.

We hope you found our blog insightful and wish you the best of luck with molding our future leaders in your classrooms today!

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